Mother Teresa India

Growing up in Calcutta and being an active Girl Guide we had from time to time come in contact with Mother Teresa . However there was one occasion where the Calcutta Parsee community had felicitated her for her work and I think it was either in the late 70s or possibly early eighties. I do remember the occasion partially or at least my personal interaction with her. I had come early for the programme and I was in my guiding uniform and even Mother had come early and I was asked to stay with her along with the other guides. I remember asking her for her autograph and she looked at me and shook her head and then she gave me a medal. She always carried medals and sometimes gave them out. I again asked her for her autograph and I took this little piece of paper from somebody and held it out to her. She gave me another medal but when she saw that I was a wee bit disappointed she relented and wrote on it.

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