Love is a many splendoured thing so say one and all and yet love has been given many other avatars too. Having authored and studied my own book as its wisdom seemed to pull me continuously to it .. I found to my amazement that each subsequent reading seemed to open up another facet of magic that seemed to give of itself again and again. Why do I call it magic ?? One must understand the nuances of all we come in touch with for it to give up its secrets.

Now take the phrase The Law of Attraction .. considered to be a law of god. I'll just cut to the chase and tell you upfront that it is you who will have to raise your vibration to the desired height of goodness (to some extent .. this must define you .. then results seem to tumble into your lap from out of the no where ). My expansion becomes self explanatory to you now. You have begun to cogitate and having done so you begin to agitate on the wisdom that was your lot just a while back and begin to realize that there is a wide gap that you now see from the perfection of a good thought and its realisation in our reality. 

The law of attraction says that what we think in secret must come to pass and that our environment must be our looking glass. Looking glass is what we call a mirror and it only shows all that is real in front of it. You will never see your thoughts that pushed you out of the past that helped to show you to yourself in your present. 

Love has always been typified as between the genders .. which is simply its most mundane manifestation .. that of procreation of a new life. But love in its purity goes into so many dimensions as to make the first look ordinary. 

Not all accept a search for the true love that comes as a circle ... one where you are the all of it all. Everything begins and ends with the Self. Ready to begin your perfect romance .. I readied MasterMind for you too. Begin a new year with the right tools to actually see the change you want for yourself. Thinking the right thoughts is what it is all about. Can it get any simpler !!;

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