MasterMind IS TRUTH

MasterMind IS TRUTH 
This was the truth at the beginning of Time and space. It was created as a truth then and so it remains now.  It is God the Creator's truth ! be aware of it. We are the living energy of that God .. beware ! Why .. because if for some reason you do not get the equation right .. that very same energy will come to sting you. You are your universe and everything in it you create. Good or bad the choice was yours .. but when dumbness steps in and pretends it is intelligent .. there is a price to be paid. 
It never changed form or shape. Energy and matter in complete harmony it was meant to be and it is so for all the millions of years since. The blue print never changed but man's understanding of it was always lacking. That this wisdom is the only thing that will define your birth (in next life) ; a progression that can forever be curtailed or held in check . if you think you are smarter than what I share... you are entitled to your opinion but bear in mind that your reality and mine are then poles apart. I know what I see as mine and that satisfies me to the fullest.
What is TRUTH defined as .... something that will not punish you. What is defined by punishment ... an illness as a physical manifestation of all that is held in the mind as the wrong thought for LIFE. a MILD ILLNESS IS BUT A PUNISHMENT TO MIND YOUR Ps AND Qs. Don't think I speak the truth .. I know what spirit did to me the first time .. it threw me flat on the ground and that too in the bathroom. And what was I doing .. arguing with it but standing in one place. Took one step forward and there I was flat on my back without knowing how it happened. How did it happen ... heaven only knows for there was no explanation that I could come up with and I warned that energy to beware of me. Yes I had instantly learnt the power of BEWARE .. dare you try any tricks with me and I learnt to loop all energy round my little finger. Warnings to energy were all I needed to utter ... be aware of me .. I am now an energy that matters too. I am able to control my matter through my energy fields. Can I do it for others. Of course I can but ask me if I want to and I shall answer most truthfully .. I really don't care enough. Why ? Because the darkness has not yet been erased from your soul and you do not come from complete love of all energy. That is a tall task and not one anybody and everybody should want to ... for it is important to first understand properly the 2 ifs. BEWARE AND BE AWARE. But if you feel that I am being unnecessarily proud of my own capacities and trying to undermine yours .. then go jump right into the river; face the tides of fortune and emerge rich with newfound energy. That choice will forever remain with you. My DNA was re-written to remove the stuff that was no longer relevant to my onward journey. But most people want to inherit the DNA from their birth parents when the reality is that such an act is self defeating. Why do you want to buy in on the problems that come as baggage from this souirce. My diabetes was one such punishment I went through when I accepted that diabetes runs in my family. Runs in my family was I told ? Well I soon made mincemeat of such thoughts through my MasterMind and now life is simply full of sugar and honey. And I am becoming slim and trim and I have been told by some whom I thought were intelligent people .. diabetes makes you fat / diabetes makes you thin .. go check your sugar. And I laugh to myself and feel sorry for such creatures ... did I not share BEWARE Roda. But on the flip side .. these were games played out in my mind and I had to toughen myself .. any sign or loving and caring I did came back to sting me. And I had to teach myself so many new tricks to simply be one up.
This is 2016. We must trust TRUTH more than hospitals 
we MUST trust prayers more than medicine (only words can heal you)
but we trust violence more than peace..... example wars.

The simplest way to condone death .. make a hero out of the soldier .. IT IS CALLED SANCTIFYING A LIE ... BUT IS THAT POSSIBLE ... THE ANSWER IS A CATEGORICAL NO. YOU WILL BE ALLOWED A LONG ROPE TO HANG YOURSELF FROM (UNDERSTOOD AS THE TIME NEEDED TO LEARN SOMETHING YOU DID NOT KNOW) BUT STILL REFUSE TO ACCEPT IT AS THE TRUTH. HAVE NO OPINION ON THE SUBJECT AS BECAUSE YOU DID NOT ANALYZE IT .. IS TANTAMOUNT TO NOT CARING ....everything is NOT just fine after that. Who will answer the questions asked ... why is sponsored death tolerable? Is it not a form of murder too ? It is a good man (soldier) led to tie the guillotine rope around his own neck just so that others can then praise it. But that life has been nipped in the bud ... who knows what dreams and hopes and aspirations that young man held in his heart .. or does all of that not matter to the people who send him to an early grave just so that they can then call him a hero and for what .. the enemy has never been across any physical border. 
The enemy lies right in your own mind and it is the bad thought you must conquer to understand the phenomena of God. Your consciousness will always be the price you will pay across many many births until you can tell another KNOW THYSELF. and understand in your heart of hearts just what that entails. Now that you know Roda .. be aware of Roda ; now that you know Roda beware Roda. She understands what it is to be a MasterMind having paid the full price in mind and body to swim to the safe side.

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