No it just keeps getting better and better ... no reason to complain at all.

What or who is a Creator ... for me it was an awareness within. I saw many possibilities within myself through my mind but the truth I faced was .. what could I do through my body to prove that I was able to use my mind to create.  Yes I learned to heal myself and many other stuff. But suppose I wanted to fly ... could I do that ? Maybe and maybe not .. it would involve a lot of hard work and who knows the possibilities in our future. But in my today I certainly couldn't .. so that me go back to accepting a higher mind for us all.  We may copy it in parts but to be it in its totality is incomprehensible as in our present .. but the distinct possibility in our future. For everytime a certain plateau is reached by us .. we go into another dimension of existence and then proceed from there.

What or who is God ... any or all of us when we hold a good thought firmly in the mind.  

Is God of a particular gender ... no. We have all been brought up to believe in stereotyping.
Just yesterday I read that in persian liturgy the female was thought to be the creator. I always believed that the male and female combined created a complete god.  But through my own spiritual journey I am firmly of the opinion that stereotyping and gender fixing is but a mug's game.

It is a well known fact that losing weight is one of the gifts of the law of attraction ... so I kept losing weight too.  Just yesterday I was at a meeting and some of my friends commented that my face was looking gaunt.  And funnily I too had been thinking so and instead of changing my paradigm I had begun to accept it as a fact.  Ordinarily this is not how I would have reacted; I would have simply said a haa .. the absolute cheek of it and simply asked my mind to puff my cheeks out again.  So today I spoke to me in absolute love and asked for a redressal of my problem.  So in a while I felt my face readjust and my cheeks were feeling much much better. Wow ... talk about miracles of the mind .. I just gave one to myself.

Prema this is just for you to read. You were there yesterday and I wanted you to know this.

Roda / MasterMind

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