It has been conclusively proved that every particle holds its independent wisdom for its survival within itself ... no matter how tiny it is broken into .. and its various bits separated. It is able to communicate with itself and even regroup back. This the scientists are aware of too .. for they are constantly bombarding the particle into the large hadron collider just to see how small it can be broken down into. That it defies them with its tensileness will of course be the stuff of legends in the future. It shows one tenacity of itself that then becomes unquestionable .. its ability to be a survivor and we know that matter and energy can never be destroyed. Just the physical living proof through the nano particle. So just what is a particle ... a cell broken into its 2 major parts a nucleus and the plasma that is the food for its growth surrounded by a membrane to show its ability to survive. A cell can exist by itself and grow into whatever it was created to be .... but that it is the way it was meant to be. All systems of God were created in simplicity to avoid complications .. a certain cleanliness of the superior mind to knowing that nothing more was required when it was required to stand the test of time. It owns a force to reckon with through its intelligence held in its nucleus as the dna or the building blocks of all new life .. and hence logic says it can only be pro life.



The dark force too is known to exist too. It is the broken energy of past souls .. so badly mutilated through ignorance that they are not fit to be released as new life. Most of us do not know of its existence but to my mind all energy is captive energy ... held in abeyance until needed. It is flipped ... into a healing through blessed thoughts that seek a redressal for the punished to be freed back into perfection of a living god. God spirit came to me and is still here showing me through itself and our communication what is really wrong with the world and why a big change must happen to eliminate the bad we see happening around us.

Albert Einstein was a scientist and he saw everything in black and white whereas we are all aware that such is not really the case. He is credited with a formula which reads like this .... THE FIELD IS THE SOLE GOVERNING AGENCY OF THE PARTICLE. Any idea repeated often times soon gathers steam to growing bigger than should be its want AS IT IS SHARED FROM MIND TO MIND .. as in the case of the above statement .. where all students learning science learn to by heart it ... creating SO MUCH HARM THAT MY MIND BOGGLED AT THE IDEA.  

I soon took to swearing at the dead spirit that had left behind so many problems IN OUR PRESENT to sort out. This is giving power to the devil thought for in the metaphysical world the field or the force (in this case bad ; there is a good one to counteract this one and it is wisdom of God). This is the dark matter also referred to as quintessence , locked up by God to prevent it doing harm in the world and it is science .. meddling with systems through misusing words created to protect humans .. are unlocking the doors for the devil thought to keep repeating mistakes made in the past and locked up by us through the simple thought of not looking over your shoulder into the past.

Karma is one such word. It is forcing you to see the bad done in the past .. of what good is that ... how does it help the living mind ? It only causes another round of torment for things that cannot be changed for the past cannot be re-written .. it keeps bringing back the same old rubbish into your present again and again.  

My mind showed me the right way to tackle this problem ... it is positivity of a higher order and therefore a truth of God. The particle is the God part of you ... it never pushes itself into you until you seek it out. My energy communicated with me in love .. by making me lose weight effortlessly in the lightest vibration on the surface of my skin .. showing me it was outside of me.

The true story of God's existence is around you as the electromagnetic field of energy holding your cells in an egg shaped aura ... showing you that you in your real identity are a spirit being. And yet most people do not give power to their own particle identity. Intelligence of mind is also not within us until we use it .. then it is stored.

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