some truths are just too awesome to ignore. But you are still entitled to go on your own way .. it just defines you as who you are.  America has often been called the devil of the world .. a sure pointer is knowing the true meaning of the word .. devil .. which is ignorance of the way of Gods.  Funny that the red indians who are the true holders of God's wisdom are sidelined and given short shrift.  Shows which way mankind is headed in this rotten apple which is our world. The apple was the world gifted to adam and eve to control and have power over .. instead everything in the world is the power that controls present day adam and eve. An irony of life that would make me laugh ... just as my parrot does .. only I too must live among ( though apart) the shame that I see us as being pushed into.   God had shared with me a good 5 years ago when I did not even understand it that my book's sales would come out of America. It took God 5 years to show me the world through its eyes .. not only see but face a suffering too to understand its ability to control life.  I now see that the time had come as far back as then.  In ignorance I fought in mind with the devil .. what a lot of illnesses it tried to palm off on to me in those years when my mind did not have the requisite fire to burn that house of cards trying to build its own castle in my mind .. forcefully taking more place than I was ever inclined to give it ... and I learnt to throw it out of my mind totally.  This is the way 99% of the world is living its life .... which is why God kept making me share that my MasterMind was the way forward for the world ... at loggerheads with all idealogies of goodness ... religion only being accepted by good minds seeking and finding the goodness within as belonging to God.

Listen very carefully to what I share here.If you can understand it well and good. All of life is told through stories ... those that are blessings .. do not carry a punishment as the way forward. Blessings come from God .. the ability to be a gift without any strings attached. Punishments do not carry the pure gift of goodness. Punishments never did come from God .. but you as a human will surely give it to yourself when you do not understand the role God plays in your life as your life. When you do not seek the perfection of God .. you are then not in its protection ... which makes you suffer. Stress is what you will see in the outside world as a manifestation of suffering. Stress is nothing but a shortness of breath .. trying to steal your life. It comes from suggestions like the one above ... little did you know that these suggestions are but the limiting imagination of small minds. God the creator made you in its own likeness .. and all you do daily is to kill it through your stupid thoughts ... what blessing will you receive after that. Being forced to give up anything is nothing but a suffering and it is fear that then controls you. Fears belong to the human that does not own a complete understanding of God.
I did watch this video but what I see in the picture is enough for me to jump to the conclusion that it is never going to teach me anything I want to know. I did become a diabetic when I listened to stuff like the above video .. a punishment and a curse that I carried with me for 8 long years. It prevented me from enjoying all the fruits of our life ... forcing me to eat more veg / leave out carbohydrates from my diet like rice / less fat .. when I now know that all fat is a blessing allowing my body to eliminate rather than store fat in my body leaving me a leaner me as its gift. 
All of life is controlled throught mind .. choose stupid thoughts .. become the devil for your own life. Choose blessings and you will bless yourself.

The devil is the asshole like a headless chicken running to its next cocaine fix for it accepts stupid thoughts as its way. Rather like a moth to a flame where a burning is the only result ... for then he is controlled by others' energies making decisions for its own life. Whereas a master mind makes its own decisions independently through an analysis of the written word.
This is known as besting the devil and you have won at the game of life.
The opposite of all life is death ... and what you do in between then becomes the deciding factor as to what your goal is ?

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