This is just one of the reasons why thinking like God is the way forward for mankind. Without the capacity to understand perfection .. how may you live it through your daily life. Whatever I wanted I received ... which just goes to prove what I shared through my teaching ... a perfect mind is a perfect body. Through the perfect mind of God .. a perfect universe is the result .. after all it is the body of God through which its nature is observed.

wow .. this does open our eyes to some extent .. it is man interfering with nature of things that has always caused problems that takes our earth so many eons to rectify. Creation took millions of years and it may well take some time to recreate it back to its pristineness .. if man stops playing God. I bow to the Creator for the perfection which we took for granted. A non-understanding of the power to create .. then must destroy. I seek the intervention of God the Creator to set right our world. I am humbled that man must go to God to set right the wrongs created in an unknowing of the end result.

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