RICHES AND POVERTY                                     


Let us begin with the more positive side of life ... let us analyse the power of riches. Just uttering the word riches will bring into all mind just one definition of the word .. its monetory equivalent. Judging any in the world merely through this denominator of physical wealth is but the sad reflection of our present day world.  Whereas the truth is that riches are actually your inner resources of spiritual knowledge that will help you see the right side of everything. That this higher way of thinking is but the way to live the best ordinary life you desire is its inner truth. Not everyone seeks to be a genius or perfect for that is but its highest potential. And everyone has a right to know the options that come as a built in factor for us as spiritual beings. Then your choices will govern what you receive or desire to receive in your lifetime.  My choices defined what I received .. I hold the capacity within me to do all things well .. this is a childhood trait .. cook .. then it is the best / work .. then it is the best in possibility / teach .. then it too was the best lesson a mentor is capable of.  Now understand the play of words in our life .. you will not even have thought it possible at your level of consciousness for this play / activity goes on at a much more deeper level .. often called the sub-conscious. So let me illustrate this with a point ... let us take the 2 words mentor and teacher and dissect them. 

Mentoring is a form of teaching that does not teach information also called knowledge ..its more a psychology of knowledge and your capacity to analyse it out of its context and fit it into any another and make that work too. It means that this then is above simply calling it a format .. for it is a precision borne of understanding its inner way of working. And yes .. it requires to be worked at to hone its precisiveness. Yet because we are all born with equality .. is no guarantee for you to manifest yourself as a God. Many innate capacities like no doubts / no fears / not accepting limitations of birth .. how many health issues you have that need rectifying / relationship issues that need to be worked on in mind to improve them ad infinitesimaly .. all hold immense possibilities .. but the key is that this knowledge must be activated in you through reading MasterMind  / you must then work with it. This is the precise way only .. for all the different options were exhibited to me by my mind .. taking a person having read MasterMind ... instantly understanding when I talked to them about how to improve their life / and some who had not read MasterMind understanding me definitely but not able to introduce a change through themselves. That is the telling difference.

God energy has hidden this knowledge from most minds for their inability to accept themselves as a work in motion .. that is that all are truly baby holy spirit or baby gods and that working with mind and teaching it lessons by changing its thinking patterns so that everything we ever desire and want is capable of coming to us through this single portal/way of existence. Until I introduced this subject to you .. you did not know of its existential potential for your life too. While writing this I was momentarily hesitant over a thought I wished to express and suddenly over the air I heard just a line of a song being played on my father-in-law's TV and I joined my hands together in prayer .. for it was the precise answer I needed conveyed to me in the instant I needed it .. a sign that god was with me in my work and that he was also aware of all I did in every moment. Can you link your mind to that .. you are then already a MasterMind - in - waiting. What was my capacity .. the answer .. be open to messages just as I was .. for I would not be here sharing this .. had I not begun to read MasterMind as my own guide.  

Just for a minute wrap your mind around this unique thought .. I wrote MasterMind without too much knowledge .. just sent up a short prayer for God to be my guide and to hold my hand for I was nervous as anything at just the thought of writing a book. But I tucked my spiritual wings around me and began. No negative thoughts of success / failure were even considerations then. It was something I thought I would love to do and that is why I am so proud of myself. I needed no mentor / no reams of positive words / but I held the power of pure goodness within me. This is a gift only the true followers of one God can give themselves.  My work did not even need much money from my side .. only the capacity of my mind to teach itself new and newer skills to complete each stage of the required work where my only desire was to help and help till my heart felt satiated with the giving and it was not all easy .. but be that as it may .. it now belongs to the past.

All through existence our inherent knowledge of ourselves as powerful beings of light ... has been systematically kept hidden not in the past as I first assumed it .. for I did come across it when I pondered on my life and my abilities to be a vehicle of change for those that did not own that power. Neither did my mind create any misconceptions of a lack of a basic education as a hindrance .. for I was my own example. In all ways I just understood my life as the base for all improvements to be built upon. These then became the lessons I shared in truth through my writing .. for without fail .. no man is an island.  We will always be needing more and more money to lead a decent life .. but money neither grows on trees or falls from the sky ... work or something else must be given in exchange for it.  

Teaching others to be self sufficient through their own selves is the highest good a single person is capable of .. for it reflects a care and concern for others .. over and above the mundane desire to earn money for it transcends your spirit and puts you in direct touch with collective energy. I did not hide any facts from my writing .. preferring to show the downside and upside as the 2 sides of every experience. My desire to be the best teacher in the world allowed me to see that I held within myself the power to be the judge and jury for my life and why not when I accept myself as my best critique too. Every lesson that I experienced the duality of .. I would fight to rectify through thinking the thought in its entirety and then translate the same into a lesson. There was a definite giving far in excess required to just sell a book .. its a whole new way of life that I saw opening right before my very eyes with me doing nothing harder than just reading my book. I guess calling myself a god did bring out my best and it is what brought me the experience to prove to myself that what I said was the truth and so help me god. My mind truly expanded so much that often times I would completely forget that that had been my original goal only.

This knowledge I now hereby pledge as restored back to its pristine glory and grace for all life capable of only spending the time needed to study it. Its now found its way back into the world to help many others who too suffered like did.  There are many incomplete versions of it in the world and everyday I see newer and newer books on various aspects of ourselves. What I think sets me apart from the hoi polloi is that I have formed no new concepts of my own. I have left the grace of God intact in the world .. I have left the theory of the big bang that created many worlds in our space and time as the guideline for my book. I have left untouched all the knowledge that was redeeming in our world. I did the work of refreshing the same into the present through my mind doing the good work of keeping it alive.  This was my journey .. this was my true quest .. to see how far I could go ... by sitting in one place. The world was my oyster from when I began ... I truly lived the intervening years through the eyes of a child for all the greatest and truest inspirations I was able to see differently in stories for children .. you could say possibly through the eyes of its creator. All stories are open to interpretation .. which one did you receive ?

.. simply because those that owned it ... were not capable of accepting that it could work for them .. if others owned it too.  Not all who grew rich through this knowledge ..  really think it their bounden duty to share their successes with others .. uplifting others in the process. Whereas I who am comfortable in my wealth .. did not feel that sharing this knowledge and uplifting the world .. would take away anything more from me than the time it took me to beat the devil in all minds into submission. 

But true riches begin in a place outside the physical realm of existence ... and books are the answer. When you accept that a book can be a mini do-it-yourself tool ... a self-teaching tool the smart are capable of giving as a gift to themselves there is nothing more to say. You place a value on yourself .. are you smart ?  Are you owning your self-worth ?  A book is worth a 1000 pictures whether you do the learning in a school / a conference / or at home. At home is a learning holding the least amount of interference for your daily life and its several responsibilities. It also allows you to repeat the lesson to the self through a re-reading as all learning is not just limited to a day when the lesson is meant for a lifetime. It is quality time spent with the self .. where your good is seen as your only option. It is a time you will appreciate to introspect on your own life .. its ups and downs / its highs and lows and make them special for your life.

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