MasterMind ... 3rd eye chakra

     We cannot teach people anything ;
     We can only help them discover it within themselves......
      Galileo Galilei

My MasterMind will help you be free of unhappy things for this is what I experience everyday.  See what the picture says .. people need help to discover themselves ... there are many answers everywhere in nature / in fact all around us .. but humans see only that which they can with their two eyes. Your  3rd eye chakra gives you the added advantage of seeing more deeply that which is hidden from view. This power has many names to express itself ... pineal gland (scientific) /  6th sense (means over and above your normal 5) / intuitive power ( its an ability to see deeper through perfect analysis) .. above all its a protection that when it was activated in me ... I found my breath to be even always ... I am never out of breath ever ... I could never feel agitated ... nothing was allowed to touch me in any manner but positive.  It can only be referred to as a blessing ... this type of blessing can only come to you directly through your own mind in communion with God.  You may never hear another voice .. but your own self talking in the mind which many of us do as it is, but the perfection of God .. I will say to my dying day only came to me after I paid an obedience in recalibrating myself through its words. 

There are 450 articles written on this website detailing my various experiences through MasterMind.  And even though people come in thousands to read what I write .. I have not found many who have reached where I am without MasterMind for its gifts are so many ... everyday in every way I have found myself  only growing better and better / richer and richer / healthier and healthier for through God I was able to improve myself.  If I priced my book at 5 million dollars .. I think the person spending that money would still be the gainer. And I am willing to put my hand on any religious book and swear this truth in a court of law.  

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