egypt goddess Bastet ...

 Detail of a statuette of the Goddess Bastet represented in Her form of sacred cat, with inlaid colored glass eyes, a scarab (sacred to Khepry) engraved on the forehead, wearing a necklace of cylindrical beads and a breastplate pendant decorated with the head of a feline crowned with the Sun disk. Dated to the reign of King Psammetichos I, 664-610 BCE; now in the Louvre.
The nerves were the channels for the sound, the sound of the heavens ~ the sound projected from the God plane towards man, for sound had to vibrate through the bodies of Adam and Eve in order that they might tune in through those channels of sound to the voice of God, to the directions of the Holy Angels and to those who guided the future of the world. Therefore these tiny thread-like channels conducted the sound through the body from that central focal point, the chakra in the top of the head.

The bloodstream was pure light, for the bloodstream is the channel of the voice of God, the light of God; the cosmic bloodstream is enfolded within the physical bloodstream and the original physical bloodstream grew through the denser matter which was constantly projected into and around the cosmic bloodstream formed round the golden light of the cosmic bloodstream itself; then there was created that glorious organ, the heart, through which the bloodstream, both physical and cosmic flows.
The cosmic bloodstream links the heart with the silver cord, the silver cord which contains the seed atom, that seed atom which bears the record not only of your life in this day of time, but of all the lives you have lived since you first detached from God to become a man or a woman.
The light within the bloodstream carries the incidents in your daily life, every thought, every word, every action, is imprinted upon the cosmic bloodstream, and through the cosmic bloodstream developed the impression of form, as pictures, that is mirrored in the seed atom of the heart.

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