You see the Law of Attraction says I am capable of attracting all that I want. As a person I am pretty childlike in my saner moments .. but a pretty tough lady when things are not going my way. So what I did was turn the law of attraction absolutely topsy turvy .. throwing out huge chunks of stuff I felt belonged to the past and also blaming the past for our current situation. Up till now everything is very logical I think you'll agree with me. And I can safely say that the knowledge never let me down ever .. not even once .. for I was always able to use it in my day to day life .. which in turn kept me literally glued to seeking out more and more. And I was one divided lady .. for one minute I would remember to focus on the sales of my book .. but the rest of the day was spent in the enjoyment of my work. I just commanded that I should be getting my sales to who ever is supposed to hear these things. I think we may call God .. God.

I am of the opinion that I like instant gratification .. but its knowledge kept tripping me up. It is called the power in the now .. for existence is best seen as what is .. as it is happening ... and I guess that most things are better understood in hindsight and this too is one such area .. for between the desire and its manifestation there is a gestation period that must be covered to get it right. I have found different desires required different periods of time. Anything for my self .. came like lightening .. an instant gratification .. and that is why it is possible to believe that other gratifications must come too .. all in good time .. but I could communicate with spirit and literally hold discussions/arguments.

 I read up on mathematics .. next physics .. next this .. next that .. and it was all to cull out what I thought were interesting nuggets of information that pertained to us as the Universe and the all in it. And before I realised it 4 years had gone by in with just a few scanty sales but me still convinced that I was on the right path for the stuff I read up on was just so believable .. how could I disbelieve it .. and I am sure that till my dying day I am going to say the same thing. 

My MasterMind came with some very specific instructions. It was for the world but america more so .. for it was to bail them out of the financial depression ... for it could get worse before it gets better and one must learn to cope with life in such a scenario.  

The first 2 years I was forced to spend looking at and studying myself .. to sorting out all the problems in my life .. health .. food .. etc etc. I am glad to say that it was this single effort that made me realise MasterMind's true worth .. a true blue print for any soul to follow and slake their thirst with !!!! then how could I walk away from this gift of god .. for all who wished to be godly in their daily lives .... when I was aware that this one book and one book alone had the wherewithal to cure and heal and set right all the problems of the world ... there is not a single thing that cannot be set right with MasterMind and there was I .. a lady .. a homemaker .. with not loads of money to market myself .. I tell you its  a tough business and I did spend a bit in the beginning but gave up and thought to myself .. let the chips fall where they may .. I know its true worth and the world must acknowledge me someday .. I shall wait patiently (actually I was pretty impatient but my circumstances were forced on me much against my will for I am a stubborn taurean .. a real bull in any arena and I can kick butt if challenged ... sometimes to my greater loss .. I guess .. arguing with spirit but never the god in my head for I was always comfortable with myself  and do really love myself if that makes any sense to you ) and that was that. You could say that like Don Quixote I was on a mission to slay the mental dragons of the world. I didn't even know I was doing it ... until one day I just woke up to the realisation .. when I found my work being copied all over the web .. into web pages .. etc etc.  that was when I saw the hand of god working in the background through his many minds. I have yo-yoed so much .. have had a million hits .. have had my wordpress sites shut down arbitrarily because I was getting so much traffic they though I was doing something I was not supposed to do .. I still haven't figured out what it was that I was supposed to have done. I managed to begin again with just one but did not have the enthu to construct the second website for they really require a lot of work ... testing and tweaking to see what works to keep the traffic coming manually without any ads .. getting my website to rank on google at No. 1 organically  on so many occasions that building a website especially on the google platform I can do with one eye closed and just a few moves.

And I did it all through sheer mind power .. pitting myself at knowledge and mastering it and if I didn't really share the story of the endless hours / days / months / years doing it without its rewards .. then I would not be doing justice to myself. But that is the true test to the self of a labour of love. It simply cannot be done any other way. There were metaphysical gifts in plenty .. somethings I could directly use and some gifts for the world .. but my time was so taken up in doing work that there was not too much time for some of the more beautiful things I had wanted to do for my life. That's just how the cookie crumbled and when you can't change things .. it is better to make a tactful peace with it .. even though all I wanted to do was take a baseball bat and go bang heads. We had a baseball bat growing up and I so loved playing the game.

I guess it really helps one to be honest even when it is against the self .. to have to admit .. that this time was needed for me to gather myself to myself .. to become more compact .. more streamlined and lazer focussed on my work .. knowing with just a quick glance at a para or 2 to know the merits or demerits of what I read. It was me I was catering to ... truths of our world of god amazed me ... and made me want to replicate it which I did. I am so connected that it is effortless for me to know things .. I see things on the inside rather than the outside.

In turn I have been shared with the knowledge of the true existence of god on us ... how to heal without medication and so many more than I have lost tract of numbers. But I simply had one condition with god ... I do not like struggle ... or a difficult life .. or suffering ... it did nothing for my soul and that I would share with the world all his many miracles only when I had been made a queen (figuratively .. for I have placed myself on the right hand of god) through success of my book which was really god's work to keep the world in order. But in the meantime I was happy to trudge along .. writing. And another big no no ... I needed instant gratification .. for I am no wilting wallflower ... writing away for posterity ... without any recognition in my now ... not some future date .. but now now now. Like Rumpelstiltskin I like to stomp my feet and say now once again. 

I think this is all I want to write on this topic 

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