Are you a book lover ... or do books remind you of your school days when you were forced to study from them ? Even if the second option is your true answer .. thank god .. you buckled down to reading them for consider what kind of a person would you be without any knowledge of your world. Pretty stupid is the answer which is really not a nice one to hear. There are many things which we do not read for fear it would be boring ... we are all the same in that respect .. but if someone were to tell you that a lot of money will be found by you if you were to read MasterMind .. what will you do. Reluctantly you will read ... consider it a job .. a work you need to do to get to where the money is ! Read MasterMind .. there is a pot of gold waiting for you too through it.


Life is full of experiences .. some include failure and some showcase success. Nobody can ever say that they cannot reach success without spirituality .. for of course the world is experiencing it ... but then there are innumerable cans of worms .... i.e. a hurting of people in the the journey to success. I am being kind here by calling it success .. often times it is simply a case of survival .. of a belly hurting for food ! Can we look away at such times and pretend it does not exist ??

 Not everybody does bad things  .. but when we look at our world as in the present .. this is definitely happening  ... and when I tell others it does not happen in the spiritual world of a life lived in goodness .. for without a doubt god keeps such experiences out of my life .. that is a promise god has kept ... I can tell you so many stories of directly feeling that protection.

Money is such an important item ... without which life comes to a complete and grinding halt and ends up being a misery. Stealing .. robbing and so much other rubbish goes on ... which when I look back on my life .... just was not there in my life .. as in anybody else stealing and robbing me !  I did live a good life ... seeing folks as friendly when I thought so of them .. seeing the opposite reaction when my thoughts were not so good ... a lesson I taught myself to fine tune for my life ... always turning my face to the light of knowledge of goodness .. to see beauty in everything. Being blessed with good servants .. me teaching them goodness and watching the change in them .. for they were not literate and able to read my book .. but I was able to communicate regular lessons to them and watch the change. 

I have perfected the art of interacting with others and getting them to do what I want with just a good wish in my mind of such a meaningful interaction.  It is how I achieved my big dream of teaching the world through MasterMind ... for when I eliminated the problems currently in the world through a beating of the problem to create a change .. I had to fight tooth and nail mentally with the status quo to see the changes when those type of people bought my MasterMind. I had to do that with spirit .. for they would take the role of people and I would have to be god and when people would not change voluntarily .. I had to be tough .. its impossible for me to be able to recount what all I had to do .. just to keep the power in my own hands.  And even when I fought .... mock battles .. the experience was very real .. though people around me were never aware for there was no open confrontation .. it was all done in mind ... so I did not suffer any stress or strain .. or even a loosing of my composure. 

This became my cross to bear when I foolishly wanted to be the best teacher on the LOA . Suddenly I had bitten off a lot to chew on but I finished paying the price with time. And then the magic began to assert itself ... my mind (god) forcing me to ease off .. for I could see that I had done much more than anybody possible for the Law is just a principle which you simply use for every aspect of life.  Use it in goodness .. work hard ... THINK RIGHT .. don't have a huge conscience .. it will trip you up as it did me .... by me having to take all and sundry under my wings.

I was a giver .... even right at the very beginning ... but through the Law I learnt the biggest lesson of all .. learn to give to the self ... it was a lesson I needed to learn to being comfortable with my own greatness .. the god within me .. love to the self removes all the angst with others .. for there are no unnecessary clashes of ego. I learnt to accept my ego as the bestest part of me. Through it I experienced all the big aspects of myself .. everything larger than life. A magical experience indeed .. for there is nothing in this world that I have not been !!

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