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all ways are my ways ... says the Queen of Hearts in Alice In Wonderland.  Now the queen of hearts is a symbol of strict love and yet the message sent out in the world is that when something does not come in love .. then the queen's next words ... Off with their heads ... is equally true. Which in other words means .. stop them from thinking the way they are doing. 

It is shared that the sub-conscious gives ... it brought up such a load of crap for me as I guess it does for others too ... stupid and dumb suggestions .. I would gasp in amazement and wonder how I could accept all of what was told to me .. and I started to get angry and that spirit would play the love card on me .. it would provoke and expect me to be love in return. That's when things did get a little ugly but I stood my ground. My mind is clear .. to inflict an untruth on another is incorrect .. to accept that untruth is equally incorrect .... putting me squarely between the devil and the deep blue sea but I never did falter in my beliefs .. rattifying them along again and again.

 .. that energy is for my life and 100% true to me only. Just yesterday as I was thinking randomly as I am want to do .. I felt energy coming into me and moving away at the slightest weekest thought of even a something ...  a wee bit negative. So that is how I understood the perfection of god .. through myself. And the movement is so swift that it is remarkable and only feels like me.  Its like expressing how I feel .. at the sight of a negative thought I figuratively turn my face away from it.

At one level I go about fixing things for I feel the revolution of the universe in my chest and in my head and so many parts of my body that I know that god is gifting the world all the things I wanted to be a change for. It is said to whom much is given .. much is expected. It has always been easy for me to play my part ... pray show me a person who does not like accepting their greatness. Its just a way to show the commitment you had to your work and how it paid off.

 I have gone through all the ups and downs necessary for one lifetime. I guess its part of every learning process .. so unavoidable. Open minds who envisage their own good can believe that god can talk through a book for everyone accepts everything written as religion .... which too are in the form of books.

There is so much example of countries at war ... they fight to control people .. control money and yet if only they knew what I share through MasterMind .. there would never be any need for a war. There are so many riches not yet uncovered in the world and I remember Wallace D. Wattles stating that if ever man required anything in this world it would be provided.  Only a separation of mind from an active goodness and focussing on a lack ..  do please focus on changing the words to be kind to the living ....for its easier to believe in a better world for all always. 

I am now bored with writing this story .. for I am my own story and explaining stuff to others repititively is not my cup of tea.  This is a job like any other and people must pay for the knowledge shared to them.  Why should I waste my time when it is quite likely that your story is so much different to mine.  Enjoy yours .. through MasterMind.

I found people ... when I shared the knowledge of my book with them in sheer goodness .. appreciating everything . My mind has been good for me .... I am full of ooohhhs and aaaahhhs ... every little bit of goodness excites me and I often wonder .... there has to be a reason .... I must have done something good ... to have millions of good people come and read my MasterMind. 

I found it so easy to play at being a guru that I wonder what is so special about me .. yes .. I do work very long hours ... it is past 12 at night as I sit writing this.  I am special for I am able to protect myself .. my life .. my health .. anything and everything .. including my money .. with just good thoughts .. so much power in so little. I would inhale in wonder when a good thought brought its little gift for me .... so obviously there is a communication in mind. I could never deny that .. for I would be telling a blatant lie and what need for that when the truth is so much more utterly delicious to listen to. And god showed me each step of the way .. do this now .. do that now .. and I stayed true to the only god there is .. the one in my mind for I am the living god.  We all are but an effort is needed to do things correctly. Most religions control your results for they push you into knowledge of another god .. all knowledge gets obsolete after a while and needs to be refreshed from time to time to tie up loose ends.  Open minds are needed for such tasks .. to allow your own good to flow its goodness to you.

All except the knowledge of goodness for that overshadows the boundaries of religions and is the only thing that will gift you its riches. If you cannot be good to others in deed .. desist that deed .. and revert back to mind ... it will allow you to be good to others through it  .... for not much is expected from you except a good thought ... thoughts in goodness ... a freeing of you to being yourself without all the heavy and unnecessary baggage.

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