Understanding Spirituality .... the Law of Attraction and Knowledge. A profuse apology on behalf of others if unerringly they do you wrong through their writing. The only thing that is good for us is love.

A teacher holds the most powerful position in our world. He/she literally shape the destinies of all the people who read their books. I had lately acquired quite a few books of other authors on the Law of Attraction and am saddened to say I was at times horrified at what a lot of nonsense they wrote. It is not right when you do not have the power to assess and amend what you hear to what you need to hear.

And the god honest truth ... I am not even saying this to sell my own book. My conscience took such a beating that I swore to myself to never write another book .. if through that knowledge I could hurt others.  This positive / negative business can put your life in a real spin if overdone. For the last few months I have been getting drawn into more complex thoughts and that's when I realised that reality of living a busy life is an important consideration and tends to diffuse a situation of getting too deeply involved in creating scenarios of random rubbish. 

Honestly I am relieved that my MasterMind is short and sweet otherwise ... for after seeing what others wrote about the soul .. the power of now etc etc  I would have had to do a rethink. Maybe there was a need for a book like mine ... that simply raises your vibration and connects you to goodness of god .. that it has made its entry into this world. Its simple enough to not be overpowering.

Just a word of caution ... try to live your life from your own circumstances .. never try to mold your thoughts and follow others verbatim .. you are a creature given all the tools of creation ... i.e. from scratch .. and there is so much fun creating and doing things without following others. Inspiration is a must have ... so for that go to whatever you desire but do not delve too deep into the powers of the mind for you may err and get swallowed up into the maze that it is. For without a doubt it is one of the most powerful thing in existence.

Just through my simple book I have acquired the power to cure my own self of illnesses ... to keep negativity as bay for my own life for it is simply eliminating stress. I felt this was all I needed to lead a good life.  Eating .. drinking and being merry should be the prime focus of life for we are bodies at present ... leave the heavy lifting of being a spirit when you are forced to become one. You'll have been misguided if you try to be more spirit and less body. Why .. I'll give you a logical answer that will satisfy you.  Take a good hard look at the world .. the universe and then all of creation and see how vast that is ... enjoy its knowledge ... see its beauty ... appreciate that it is possible for you to be able to do so.  

Despite my desire for knowledge .. the one lesson that began to unfold to me was .. focus on something and it starts to become you. So if I spend time focussing on negatives like jealousy, etc etc.  I am drawing some more of that in my life which is counter-productive to my original desire to get rid of it. So no expending energy on such activities. Full stop ends the story.

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