We are brought up to believe that there is so much goodness in the world and depending on God is the only way to lead a good life. So I happily embarked on a spiritual journey ... which when limited to myself was a seeking and finding of perfection.  Then we are taught to be good to others and this too is good up to a point. But when I came across the spirit and the sub-conscious .. it was nerve rackingly nonsensical stuff.  Dumb, bad, and such other words come to my mind .. horrible animal sounds ... enough for me to fill a page with such words. Such a waste of my time that I never wish to encounter spirit for all of eternity and beyond if that were possible. If I could lay my hands on them I could happily have killed them and felt on remorse and that too they tried my patience by making me fear them by calling themselves my kin.  Be careful of these voices in your head .. for through MasterMind I learnt to eliminate them from out of my mind. Most of the world think they are bad thoughts but they are spirit trying to control you through their wily suggestions.

The tipping point .. their suggestions no longer have any power to influence me. They do not have a locus standi in my life.  Everything is good in short experiences but these spirits are so useless and bored so just do not give them any time.  This means that I no longer have a duality and am firmly entrenched in good consciousness and this journey must be undertaken by everybody. Funnily I was and still am the same person before MasterMind except in one very important respect.  Before MasterMind I may have been ambivalent about my power and my ability to catch success by the collar and force it to bow to me. Now I am sure that the tipping point has been arrived at .. when the world must and will accept MasterMind ... all the signs for its welcome are being seen by me as God had shared.  Its unfortunate that people do not go to knowledge of God in happy times and when they don't .. they by their own doing create the tipping point for themselves. But on my journey I was shown how everything was moving towards me inexorably .. the will of God for this world may not be trifled with.  MasterMind holds a promise few books have the capacity to deliver in 124 pages.  Its simply that you will connect to the mind of God .. you will never see God .. I never did .. except in creation .. but I did experience and feel God and I even heard him once .. when he shared my miracle with me.

Perfection of God can be experienced in moments snatched out of time when sought with others .. for then you must constantly see things from their point of view .. a difficult proposition at best .. simply because we are all created to be highly intelligent individuals .. but how many are .. not many I am sad to say for I came into contact with a vast diaspora of minds ... so many are good people but that is no litmus test for understanding God and our inner world which may be lived through God.

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