MasterMind by Roda Langrana … The Wheels of Change

MasterMind by Roda Langrana … The Wheels of Change
law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana

secret of law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana

Who are you ? Allow me to classify you … a nincompoop god …. probably believing what the scientists have been feeding you … about descending from apes and chimpanzees. Yea .. who knows and really cares about what actually happened in the distant past. But they have the potential to hold you back from living the good life of gods. Me … I’d rather believe the story that I was cloned by higher species of aliens .. who left in me the capacity to think my own good for my life. Now both of them are stories .. passed down to us from the past. I wish not to waste my time taking sides .. deciding which of them are really true .. for truth be told .. none of us living in the present have the capacity to travel back into the past to verify things. And the biggest irony may be that the both are true in part ! So what … what a lot of time wasted in an endeavour that really does not help us … of what good is the knowledge of you being a chimp in your past. All it really recalls is the fact that in today’s world .. the chimp as he exists .. is an animal .. with all the ramifications that it recalls. Would I like to regress in my knowledge of myself as a highly intellectual spiritual being and like to classify myself with the chimp ?? (with no real offence to the poor chimp of course).

And so I have shown you that the wheels of change are forever taking us forward … just look around at the world and all the possibilities that change has brought. Amazing is this truth … who is responsible for it all. Humanity .. the human race … all of us … each one responsible in our own special way. Buildings that are a 100 storeys tall .. it boggles the mind to even see them. Planes and spaceships that go into space … finding deep into the sky .. billions of galaxies .. just imagine the numbers … and I am talking of galaxies i.e. a sun and its attendant planet/s. Just try to imagine the power of the energy that created so much … we are powerful creatures capable of understanding and taking in the significance of such existentia. And yet the past shows us that intelligence was equally similar … take the pyramids and so many other physically existing phenomena that proves beyond a shadow of doubt that we are the same gods that once lived the earth. But the crucial difference is that so many are diluting knowledge … knowledge that fixates us with power of ourselves … this should be sine die just because it is what it is. And yet many in all parts of the world understand themselves as an ant … a small but important cog in a wheel .. whereas I am here to tell you categorically that you are the wheel … the full circle from the beginning of time to eternity … forever a circle .. therefore no beginning to be pinpointed and no end too. Get that !
So why do you not wish to raise your vibration to a level .. where you begin to understand the truths of your own vibration. So let me explain some truths which have not been shared with you … these stop you from progressing on and on.
Everything in this world is a vibration … i.e. a spinning on itself. Atoms and molecules .. matter .. everything vibrates and do you want to understand another biggie. Different speeds of vibration create different things out of matter and its spin. In the air around you … there is matter existing in its core capacities … so let me explain it to you in the most basic way. Let me explain the air you breathe in everyday … you take in a deep breath .. that gulp of air contains many things … so your lungs do the work of separating the oxygen .. and you exhale the rest. That oxygen then mixes with the hydrogen in your body to create the water that is you … 96% of you is water in its most basic form. But we know that even when 96% is water .. our bodies are not a pool of water. We have a certain solidarity to our structure which can only be-come that through the speed that our molecules and atoms vibrate at. Now isn’t that amazing … and yet that vibration is not even felt by you. So imagine its speed. We understand vibration in speeds of light and other phenomena but of ourselves have no clue.
When I authored my MasterMind I was like everybody else .. an intelligent but simple person who did not have the least bit of knowledge on any of these subjects. But amazingly when God wants to share something with the world .. he does choose a simple person … like me .. who does not have any preconceived ideas or rather to put it correctly .. will have an open mind to knowledge shared directly with my mind. Now I am so darn certain of what I know and understand in my mind …. that no amount of negativity can force me to change my viewpoints. They are as if written or carved into stone. They exist … stored in my mind for me and on these pages for you. For me they exist as truths for I have walked the talk with these. Three years down the line I am always getting better at everything .. whatever I learnt as a basic .. I am expanding on .. I know I can influence the world … I have seen it in my own body … where there is no part where I have not seen a vibration … even knowledge is stored by spirit through a vibration. I know how good and bad thoughts are stored in us through a vibration and tell you quite bluntly .. you are the energy and through your vibration .. you may create a god in yourself .. or its alter-ego. So what does alter-ego mean ? Ego is the capacity in you or the pride in being god … don’t have the desire to be god .. then go and alter your godhood .. and then be content with what you get. Don’t come crying and complaining as to what your life is .. for you did choose to be in the alter-ego mode. Remember who christians call lucifer and zoroastrians angre-mainyu. As far as I understand them .. they are part time owners of you for if they were full time entities …. destruction is all that would be visible. And since that is not the case .. count yourself lucky. I think the smartest thing god did was frighten the daylights out of you so that you behave.
The law of attraction in its most basic was shared to Zarathushtra as the first prayer for mankind. It is called the Ashem Vohu and its meaning can be found on my If you understand the truth of our life and the law of attraction .. you will understand the message encapsulated in the Ashem Vohu prayer. It clearly hints that we as humans are more than what we think we are. Do you know that the winged angel we call the farohar or asho farohar alludes to our mind .. which can literally fly and connect .. to other minds. Our capacity to be anything and everything we choose … can be experienced through a linking of its energy with ours for us to be able to get a better understanding of it and ourselves … in tandem so to speak in mind .. and yet as different as chalk was created to be from cheese.
The first prayer god did share was the Ashem Vohu and there were no religions then .. so back then … it was not your religion and my religion or my religion is better than your religion. Religion was just knowledge of us as god and how to keep raising our vibration so we remained on that plane of thoughts. We are not meant to forget what we knew of ourselves … but funnily we have .. we have lost touch with the sleeping giant within ourselves … and its time to awaken it. Unlike the genie who popped out of aladdin’s magic lamp … your genie is capable of granting all your requests … they must of course be good .. or you might anger the god of your own mind. I choose to believe stuff only if it is good for me .. then I can be sure that it is good for others too. This way I need never look over my shoulder … is anybody stalking me … do I fear anything .. of course I don’t. I prefer not to do anything bad in the first place ! Good thoughts always lead to good words which then are followed by good deeds .. this is the lesson my religion taught me and I am so so proud that thousands of years down the road .. this is still the truth for all of us. I remember so clearly me asking god so very trustingly … when I started simplifying the words of Zarathushtra … I thought I was not scholarly enough to do the work … and yet it was a way for me to understand the philosophy of my religion in such a deep manner that once the work was done it was all retained by my mind … and I just made this utterance .. in full understanding of myself. I just told god .. Mazda as a zoroastrian I must be a very old soul and I felt this weight come and settle into me. It felt as if god came into my body to live … safe in the haven of me. I have often told God … rest your shoulder on me whenever you want. All of you can …. create a god of your mind …. and protect its goodness. In return you may enjoy the riches of all the worlds .. the one of mind and the other mundane. The god you created in mind .. then creates for you as a god. You have come full circle. So did you not see everything I spoke above .. all within the circle of you as eternity.
I am taking the liberty of stating that my book MasterMind is the only one you will ever need on the Law of Attraction .. for the time has come to see yourself in your coat of many colours. Your aura which is your

coat of many colours in the part of you that is God … it is the electro-magnetic field of energy which acts
like a mini hydro-electric power plant. Your aura is egg shaped showing that you exist as a god or because of god allowing you to be a be – ing.

The world thinks the god particle in us is the higgs-boson particle but that is far from the truth for when I questioned god .. he pointed to the aura as where he may be found on the body. That was the only time that God actually spoke to me in words. I had asked him for a miracle to help me share my book with the world and this is the way it happened. The whole experience has been recorded by me in my article here : A poem I wrote on it following the article ..

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