SUGAR ... MasterMind's SWEETNESS

SUGAR ... MasterMind's SWEETNESS

SUGAR ... MasterMind's SWEETNESS

Sugar .. you're the world's honey
You're our candy sweet
And you've got me craving you.

Deprivation .. who are you ?
Just or true .. incompatible are the two 
To you .. its all I know of you ?

Incomparably gourmet .. sublime your taste ..
Legendary in sweetness
Is your love. 

A chocolate ... a sweet .. a cake
Can never be made
Without you and your divine taste.

Tea or cola .. or orange juice
Needs sugar's sweetness .. 
So  ... why not you  !

Oh mind of man ..
Whither ... thou goest ?
Doctor or scientist ... when you ask ?

Without a God in your mind ...
In my eyes .. 
You could be the wrong choice for all. 

Oh science .. you took 
Everything that God did make
And faults you do rake.

Everyday .. if the papers you read
Closer to your grave ...
Galloping .. do proceed.

Halt .. who's being sent away ?
Sweet sugar you say
Paradise is here ... here's where you stay !

Desserts  and more ..  the world did get
For partnering only with sugar ...
God's plan for you sanctified !

But sugar why do they attack you so?
Why do they deceive ?
Sadly ... devoid of love .. they must be.

They snatch your joys
That love can give
Alas - a lack ... its clear to see.

With No God in Mind ..
Self or other  ...
Reaped only ... what you uttered.

YOU came into my parlour 
Says this doctor to his patients
Now my silken threads do bind you.

I spent a pretty penny ... just doing my meds
Now my dear patients 
Pay .. but don't pray ... and fear instead.

Why didn't  you .. as the patient know
What lies ahead ?
That its because of the loss of your own thought process ?

Alas .. a lack .. its clear to me
Whose gonna win this round .. lets see
This conundrum I put before you ..just take a wild guess !

Does your doc have some bedside manners
Does he sympathize .. is she kind ..
With a little time  .. perhaps to share a story or two !

Of the past ... 
When men as gods did live
Ate and drank as they willed.

No newspapers did they read
Doctors healed a problem or 2
For only good news ... travelled far !

As in the past you don't live
What does this present now ...
Your today .. what does it bring ?

Is it problems galore 
By the score 
Guaranteed to burn you out ?

Love of life and such truths thereof
Having been given short shrift
Its now just take .. take  a life ?

See what is is being taken
Your sanity .. your power to think big
Or was it your intelligence ?

There is no give give give .. now
And I don't blame the takers
For you gave it away .. with eyes wide open !

How can I tell .. how do I know ?
Like you ... I once did 
The rounds of those parlours.

Poked and pricked 
They did too .. no I screamed
I only wanted my ice-cream !

Its all so sad .. it makes me cry
No sweetness ... for the world that lives ?
Now whose gonna eat the ice-creams !

As MasterMind .. I am .. for your life
Love and concern with sweetness I bring
To give you back .. SUGAR  .. for your life.

I had to change .. I had to grow up
Now I'm the Pied Piper for your life
Come follow me .. you'll enjoy this ride.

As MasterMind .. I am .. is my name
To give you truths .. to rid your shame
I've scalped those thoughts .. come live again !

Bastardised it .. I have
It no longer can behave
As if it owns it all.

See the biggest joke ever played on you
Does the name .. motley fool
Define you ?

From whence you came ... I do know
But where you go .. is clear to me
Does the world yet know you .. the way I do ?

O destroyer of dreams of hopes and cheer
What did you give .. what did you give ?
A clean cut from you .. is all that's left.

As MasterMind the gift I give
Is the opening of your 3rd eye ..
Its the only worthy gift for you !

For through it .. comes all others
Its the means to all ends
Its what the past took away.

I want to give you back .. the knowledge
That is beauty .. of a soul .. 
a light divine .. that must live in you.

Found through ..  MasterMind
That blesses ... as it verily gives
Don't allow others to sabotage my gifts.

This book is relevant to all parts of the world. 

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