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I’m showing you the way to your home

Just know that it is your own mind
All things begin and end .. right here
Nobody needs to teach you that.
No matter what I wrote
On my websites  8 or 9
I’ve seen you travelling along
Singing my song 
Thanks .. for showing me the way back home.
(The desire you feel for riches is God seeking to express himself in you. So ask for whatever your heart may desire. Wouldn’t it make you happy to know that God tries to live and do and enjoy things through mankind. God says – I want feet to run my errands, tongues to speak and sing my mighty truths, eyes to see all beauty and hands to build my dreams, to play my divine harmonies, to paint my beautiful pictures. All that God is capable of seeks an expression through mankind. God wants that you discern his truths andf have every opportunity to travel and talk about them. God wants those who love beautiful clothes to be beautifully clothed.
God wants those of us who appreciate good food to be luxuriously fed. God wants all these things for mankind because he himself enjoys and appreciates them. God wants to be able to express that it is he who wants to play, laugh, sing, enjoy beauty, proclaim truths, wear good clothes and eat good food …..
Roda ..  Author .. MasterMind
RODA …  is my name
Knocking out duality  ..just  a game,
Had not much fun while I was at it
Learning stuff means studying
For once you begin
You'll see the deadly games
That are played with you in fun !!!

Yesterday I had many friends

But now they are gone
Does going back at a young age
Sound like they are having fun ?
So much rubbish .. holed up as knowledge
The whole world can be squarely boxed up
And a label put on them ... IDIOTS.

As a god what did you ask ?

Of spirit  .. what did you ask ?
When they brought you rubbish
Served up on a platter called TRINITY ..

I had to beat up a lot of spirits

And it was no fun
For they were cussed in their endeavour
To want to be the ones to control you
They showed me how they operated.
They treated life as a game of chance,
Believe me .. there was not one thing
That I liked .. or could tolerate.

Spirits  would brag about 

their store house of illnesses
Which they claimed they liked to share for free
With mankind making it easy for them
When they have no power to think
Were you manipulated ?
Did you become a puppet on someone's string ????

Isn't it high time 

To change that formula
To a more accommodating one

As an alchemist .. let me help

Go get yourself a copy of MasterMind
For nobody gives a shit
Whether you live or die.
I could be tough too and say
Nor do I .. but I did care once
Now .. all I really care about
Are my sales of MasterMind.
I give to myself.

I .. who was once full of pride,

Who worked hard
And yet be not understood ..
Made me hopping mad.
I questioned spirit .. where is their god
That god .. that must live in them.

All .. the spirit did say

You are god .. which made me madder still,
For forcing an authority on me
As per my desires
They left me to fend for myself.

They taught me to sharpen my claws,

By becoming the devil .. 
I was forced to go inward to protect myself.
Entered the hearts and minds of gods
And showing through them 
Transformations .. through the power
of my many powerful thoughts.

In this one single act .. lies the both

The effort and the reward
My work being mastered by me
After four long years
Through truly sacred writings
As in MasterMind !

Saw what was right before my eyes

And what was hidden too
For nothing is really hidden 
If your desire to know it is true.

The only poverty in this world 

Is not to know the self
An esoteric expression of ourselves
As spirit .. god .. soul ..
For when the self is known
All the riches come tumbling out
Go fight for your share of it.

The true blueprint for all riches

Comes from understanding 
All the parts of you .. through mind
It is power when you accept its riches
Forget the rest .. it just follows through.

Its the one perfect act

Given in the spirit of giving ??
You must be joking ...
It was forced on spirit ... 
By me ... through my power to 
Reach all in the world 
And to open the can of worms
That the past did keep hidden.

For when I did care .. and cried and cried

I still could not sell my MasterMind
And when I fought both devil and god ..
Demons and angels .. they became ..
Spirit too was Holy Spirit  ... nought 
So whither the holy Trinity ... it was nought.

But right within us .. they live amongst us

And I saw them ... gifting me their gifts of knowledge
But at a price ... which in the spirit world is nought
But in our world ..  a lot.

Its a prtence  .. a sham

Why do you believe in a death ?
That lies in the hands of god ?
When we all our gods ...
Which god did you give your power to ?
In the world of gods .. everyone is a spirit !

So then my question would be

What kind of spirit do you live through
Or can't you believe .. you are one too.
You definitely don't 
When you need a guru to continue a quest
That should come naturally to you.

I had to beat up lots of spirits

And it was  .. not fun
For they were cussed in their endeavour
To be the ones to control you,
They showed me how they operated
Believe me .. there was not one thing 
That I liked  .. or could tolerate.

They would brag how illnesses were shared

With you ...
through their poisonous whispers
Which they share for free through       
Careless whispers.
Humankind .. who do not have the power
Have then become a puppet THINKER
With someone telling you what to think !!

Listen to the voices in your head

There are always 2
(I learnt to kill the second)
Your past spirit and you
And your job in this world 
Is to make them sound like you.

When you are positive .. god and goodness

Are active for your life 
When you hear some stuff .. not good for you
(In the past .. you believed
Everything you heard)
Not doubting it as lies.
It simply means .. you lacked the ability
To analyse its results 
And allowed it to become the devil 
For your life.

DISEASE  .. comes together 
Through 2 words
EASE is through God
DIS is its opposite.
So it becomes apparent to you
That it is not something 
That you want.

DISEASES .. SICKNESSES ... oughtn't to be,
But man just don't blame yourself 
In goodness .. you never expected 
That spirit could be working against you.
Its just sad to see
That the world did believe the above
As the way to be !

No .. you are wrong ..
Perfection is NOW the accepted word
Understood this finally ...
So brought it out of antiquity.

What am I talking about 
A long lost friend .. or a discomfort
It seems to me that you forgot

Don't wear old badges with pride

You have this problem ... no I say
Which one .. I dare to ask ?
Is it the one you owned last year
Why must it then come around
Why are you full up of the bad habits ...
Of the past .. let it go
Don't force the same illness
To visit you every year.

Wow .. come again .. what did you think ?
How can you know
When right from wrong you know not
A spirit being .. you are not
Why did your religion and your priests
Not teach you to protect yourself ?

Help you .. that's a far cry
When they understand not ..
Their own identity !!
How can they gift you yours ?
How can you be the faulty one
When they are not doing their job.

Or are you the faulty one
Who just did not bother 
Or have the time and inclination
To learn .. all that in religion is taught.

I am a long nosed parsi,

The type they call .. a zoroastrian,
I am so proud that the only
Thing left worth crowing about us
Is my ability to speak the truth.
I've re-shared the first prayer for mankind.

The Ashem-Vohu is magically
The same message
As the Law of Attraction
It was the first prayer given to mankind
In Zoroastrianism .. lie many truths
Relevant for our world.

The Ashem Vohu .. has not found its way to you

For religion has been compartmentalised.
I am better .. no I am better .. is what everybody thinks
Even when their lives are nothing to brag about 
NOOOO .. I AM BETTER … e n o u g h !!

I keep my eyes and ears open
I know what historians share
The filth that is in minds
Is visible to all.
But to Zoroastrianism you must come
When the history of religion is shared.

Its what is said .. truth is an inconvenience
Got buried deep into the past
Idiots and fools are spirits too
That did not share truths with you
So much so .. power and pelf 
Have become the deciders ..
Power through pelf is often used to win
Might of RIGHT .. seldom come together
For bedfellows they make not
Its only when right is might
Then the world is flipped ..
And an awakening is seen.

The Ashem Vohu has not found 
Its way to you
Mazda kept that knowledge of light
Only for a select few.

Have you seen Christian and Muslim 
Go at each other's throat ..
Zoroastrians are no better
They've lost track of their own
Capacities .. they do nothing much
Just bemoan their luck.
Nobody can live on past glory ....
You have to keep moving success 
Right into your present.
No one is responsible for another
No one has the time
Its each one for themselves
Or suffer the consequences.

Even hindus are no better ... 

They don't even understand
That each idol they worship ..
Are but traits to understand .. your life as a god.

So Shiva is worshipped on his birthday 

And forgotten the rest of the year
Saraswathi suffers the same plight
She's remembered as knowledge 
But ... once each year
So what happens to mankind for the balance
364 days ... what can happen .. nothing
Knowledge of god that works
Does not exist 365 days of the year.
So ...  life ... whither thou goest ??

The Ashem Vohu ..
Apart from being the first little prayer
Is also the complete expansion
of the Law of Attraction.
It is a Law for our life
Nothing else does it talk about
But a capacity to dream big
And truths of life to make them possible.
No one has … as far as my knowledge goes
Been able to link the Law into 
Zoroastrianism … lucky me
The way became clear for me
To stand tall .. to show the way to all.

Why the Law of Attraction is an 
Undeniable Truth .. A Law ..
For its the same story as told
Through the Ashem Vohu
The first prayer shared by God
With the world ... which kept dividing
Itself ... into many little parts ..
No link left to the whole of it
As when it had began.

When I did receive from the net
Randomly … an expansion of the Ashem Vohu
And I had copied it and placed it in
My site.
And there it lay ..
Till I needed it
God had kindly put the
Knowledge into my lap
Until I was ready to see it.

Down the years .. saints and seers
Princes and paupers …
Have all sought to know ...
For the call will come .. through your heart.

Black or white … Off-white or yellow or pink
Whatever be your colour of choice
Wheatish or greyish ..
You were created to be loved .. just the way you are.

When you haven’t done your homework
This is your constant refrain.
I am very proud to be the One
To explain the Ashem Vohu again.

There is but one straight line
And it always leads to God.
Zoroaster … he did share
Through Mazdas’s mind profound.

The first little prayer
And we did call it …The Ashem Vohu
Just 12 words long ..
Which when loosely translated
Simply means …. the Good Mind.

Don’t follow the ones that say
God does not exist …
For bad is bad
And good is good
And whenever the twain did meet
A watering is then seen
Of their origins …
A misuse of knowledge.

I am the same Consciousness …
That was in …
The wise men 3 .. the magi
And we did welcome the birth
Of a saviour for mankind.
So did the magi divide
They were learned men .. priests
Who knew and showed the way …
A star guided them to Jesus Christ.
A new teacher …
But what did his followers learn ?
Christ called his father God
Please remember that lesson.
Oh man … how did you forget
To be a father good ?
If you did err in confusion
Your children ? Oh …
Never mind .. the past is now behind.
And the future beckons
To none it matters
But the self …
Be the best you can.
Even when your life
Is nothing to brag about
A good person can you be
But to be at one with the world
Needs you to be more special
You'll see why I do say what I do !

Can I love one and all  .. yes .. 
Most of the times .. maybe !
At a level that makes me comfortable ?
Yes ... no more is expected of me.
Can I give my life for another ..
It was never required of me !
For no good can I do  ... dead 
I'm of more worth living.

Nobody can live on past glory
You need new fires now
To keep moving success
Right here into the present
Keep stoking your fires.

You are not responsible for another
I don't have the time to spare
It's each other .. for one's own self.

Take the greats of history
Those who divide to rule
Find themselves on the wrong
Side of every fence.
The ones that found similarities
In all the religions of the world
Glaring pointers .. to God.
Deny me ..go try … I dare you …
I challenge you .. I do.
I’ll put so many who believe in me
Right in front of you
I blended …so now it is your turn
I bended … so now its your turn …. bending ..
In the Now … we are one …its our flow.
There is so much I may teach you
There is so much to learn
And as your star did find me
I am … your MasterMind.
Its a deadly serious game
When you make a bad choice
You set spirit up to make you lose
They then take the opportunity
To knuckle and sock you !

They walk right into your mind

Your doors are not tightly shut
To bad influences of their
Notorious suggestions ..
And again and again .. if you keep the scores
You will know exactly how they control you.

I learnt this the hard way

By being a goody-goody softie
I wanted to love and be loved by all
But guess what .. people don't really care
For they can't read your mind
And find your goodness there.

So struggle I did ...

For spirit made it tough
By pretending to show me
How other minds work.

The first condition I had made

That I wanted no part of others' lives
I just wanted sales without interference
But spirit thought they were smarter
And dealing with a dumb chick.

But it soon became clear

That I only saw me
Holding the cane
To beat spirit .. that
Controlled innocent minds
Unaware of being manipulated
Through their flowing of bad thoughts
Into the atmosphere to be picked up by you
Till you see ..
you’re headed in the wrong direction
Not an inch more there
Simply change or turn your thought
Is what you really must do.
For only goodness to touch you.
Go follow your star
No matter how near
No matter how far.
Live life like a warrior
If things don’t come your way
Fight for what you want.
A euphemism to keep on trying.
Its when you do ..
You’re not forced to
Revert … into spirit as non-life.
God’s greatness lies in bettering lives.
That’s the farthest end
Of the spectrum
When you become non-life ..
Then you must rest and contemplate
What went wrong with your life ?
But it need not happen
For God does show the way for
The game that is your life
For you play the hero
In all of your lives.
My spirit she does ask ?
As I am writing this
Come join me ..
And I decline ..
I tell her I am busy
Playing a hero in this life.
I then tell her .. you join me
Come and take a new birth
For as she says .. she is my future
Then I did definitely teach her !
She’s shy she says
She blushes and pretends to run away
But there’s nowhere else to go
The God I saw was powerful.
She showed me through my mind
She showed how nature does connect
Her very own kind ..
In a circle of love.
Keep adding more circles
To see power grow
From strength to strength
In concentric circles grow.
God Bless you 2014.

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