There is knowledge and then there is knowledge and then there is powerful knowledge. MasterMind falls into this category.

MasterMind is "knowledge" or "gnosis" and is really ancient knowledge. It is an accepted fact that religion is the cornerstone for all our lives. We all begin there ... but there is other knowledge too .. which often times did begin in religion but got weeded out for maybe want of an understanding. There could be several reasons but none of that matters  .. for when you find yourself coming face to face with it once again .. you must be amazed that the vagaries of time did not succeed in eliminating it altogether . Its like a miracle for the mind to accept that the mind itself is the miracle ... its latent powers just waiting eagerly for you to tap into them. It is your connection to understanding the powers of the mind. It eliminates all strife from out of life .. for the only things that humankind fight for is more money and more power and when both those are easily available .. what need to stay attached to old habits that have not helped you get what you wanted effortlessly.

Tthis knowledge is a cut above religion  for it allows you the individual to be the centre of focus or attention.  It holds at its very core "our collective good" meaning that it has the power to expand itself into every single mind in our world and work with that mind. You may call me MasterMind. My desire .... to be of assistance in your life  ... by pointing you in the direction of MasterMind. Let me be frank and admit that the best of anything is worth nothing if I cannot share it to prove its worth for your life. There is more money in it for me and others ... when I am ready to share it with many instead of just a few.  This is the only way to help the world and correct the imbalance of money and power only being in the hands of a few.  Now you have no more excuses to hide behind .. spouting myths that only the rich get richer and you the poor have been left out of the gravy train. Get on the train .. get cracking .. you have only yourself to rely on for your life and its the best way there is .. building your self-esteem along the way.

Let me share that I did considerable research while reading books to realise that the complete picture was not being easily understood by everybody .. so I set out and wrote out one of my own ... MasterMind.  I have one piece of advise only ... read the book again and again ... for each reading jogs your mind into giving you more options that can work for you. MasterMind will dig out your hidden talents and show you the way to success in all areas of your life ... health .. wealth  and everything else that you want to add to the list.

The knowledge in MasterMind is not easily available for it is ancient ... and must be "sought out" for its "insights" and "its revelations". In order to fathom the deepest mysteries of mind / spirit ...  the structures of the cosmos, consciousness and the wondrous aspects of the mind of God .... the GOD of vision, wisdom and genius ..... this brilliant state of consciousness (life) is the key to understanding and decoding the message in MasterMind.

I like to quote this line from Zoroastrianism .. it is a line from the Gathas the poetry of life by Zoroaster ....... Make clear and bright to me the record of all that exists and the laws of manifesting/creating.

Also Vedic gáyatrí (Sanskrit: गायत्री,) comes from the same root as gáthá, and is the feminine form of gáyatra, a Sanskrit word for “song or hymn.” Gáyatrí is an aspect of Saraswati, “inspiration, melody, the sound of intuition” and is the source of Brahma’s power. Brahma is also known as “vágish,” meaning “lord of voice, word, creative speech.” Without gáyatrí or sacred poetic measure, Brahma is unable to manifest/create. 

I have often shared with my many hindu friends ... the power of saying a gayatri manthra first thing in the morning and then seeking a healing from God. To be repeated last thing at night ..... they hypothesis of it is .... we entrench our request into our deepest mind .... our consciousness .... which brings everything to us.

Knowledge .... as in MasterMind ..... at its deepest level is many things to many people ..... there can be an infinity of multifaceted meanings ascribed to a given set of words ... and each individual opens up for himself "that knowledge" that is relevant for his life on this plane of existence. 

I maintain that if there were only a singular determinate meaning of the knowledge in MasterMind it would then be as important as I say it is.  That is why I keep repeating that you must get a copy of MasterMind for your life for it was what God originally created for himself ... and so it will do what is its purpose for your life. There can never be an end or a limitation to its wisdom.

This was my exact experience. To those who need more flowery speech and lengthy paras have not understood God fundamentally.  I who do ... will not pander to your insecurities.

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