Dedicated to our differences and similarities .. seen the world over ... saw them through the eyes of  indulgence ... of lives trying to make a go at happiness despite constraints of geographic and monetory boundaries . This poem is written with an open mind for others  .. for nothing else will be tolerated.

Hi .. pretty Polly, you is Molly , 
You is Solly or ..... Holly ?
Oh pretty polly ... are you dolly ?
Or .... just Olly .. Olly!!

Hi Olly .. Olly
Is your name .. Mr. Solly ..
Or are you old Mr. Gollie
It no matter .. never matters
For love makes the world go around.

I am prudish .. just not judgemental
I am kind to others not my kind
And yet I know .. I know me well
I am never ever ... unkind.

There's a Solly for every Molly
And a Holly for old Mr. Gollie
As for Olly .. there's pretty Polly.
Sawasadee ... sawasadee .. ha.

Pretty Polly .. oh pretty polly 
la la la la .. la la la la   la la la la la.
pretty is polly .. all green and red
la la la.

The world is full of thousands and thousands of people who consider themselves
smart ...... smart enough to see "true wisdom" when it  is placed in front of them. This one is a burning question with most people and a very very common one at that -  


Well some years ago I did discover that sooner or later .... we will all traverse this same path but with variances that will take into consideration all our individual probables.  I am not shocked that this must be a burning question for others too ... and that there is no getting away from it ever.

When life is "fine" / "good" .. you are just getting by ... a mediocre life at best. It is the time for you to hear the message that asks you .. are you happy? Can status quo be happy I ask you ... its boring at best. A desire to climb mountains in your mind .. wow that's a thought worth considering! 

This lesson was explained to me through some words on success I read in a book written by a pastor .. which I accepted as a first true epiphany moment for my mind. 

There have been so many since then appreciated through most of the major religions of the world impacting me since then ... my mind has simply blossomed from one of limited exposure to understanding the differences in our cultures and creeds ... and being able to accept our unity .. even in our diversity.  To experience the greatness or grandness of our own minds .. you must first have to step out of your comfort zone to experience ... of what value is life when there is none of this ?

I stopped to ponder and looked around me and all I could see was perfection ... just a desire being planted in my mind by God to grow to another level of mental elevation. So God's gift to me was MasterMind ... go sow your seeds of knowledge and reap a bountiful harvest was his tall order and I did my best to comply. My new interest ... yours and my mind .... growing a garden in them .. planting flowering seeds ... a heady smell of magnificent scents heavy in the air.

If you were to compare yourself to the homeless ... the dispossessed .. the ignorant and the impoverished  (who need my MasterMind the most ..... this is what the angels of my mind showed me were the most needy) YOU certainly can claim to be far better off  ............... or fine ..... but has that fine life taken away the pain and the suffering , the struggles you have faced that life has thrown at you again and again. Of course it hasn't .... you would either have to be liar or do a good cover-up job of your dismal life by calling it fine. FINE ... CALL IT FINE ... ITS PROGRESS .. AND SOMETHING YOU HAVE BEEN MADE TO BELIEVE FROM CHILDHOOD ... 

I define ... MEDIOCRITY AS ... FINE ... 

I just got back today from a holiday in Thailand where I stayed at the JW Marriott. For the Marriott chain ... JW is their prime offer .. their best.

We drove from the airport to the hotel in a huge Merc limo and the journey costs a bomb. The view from my 11th floor room was breathtaking .. overlooking the swimming pool which was on the 6th floor.

Now tell me that fine is sufficient for you !  All I did was go for a holiday ... something the world does .. we all stay in hotels and must use transport .. but what I shared above .. is it comparable .. to some the answer may be a no.  To me ... it simply brought an abiding feeling of perfect peace and calm.  To be able to scale my results through my powers of belief in their possibilities. 

As an indian I welcome you with a Namaste ... which means that I bow to the god within you.  If God had not been kind to me I would never have understood  ... for it took me to the age of 55 and then revealed itself. And I can honestly tell you that it was me searching for my greatness .. no longer happy at so many years having slipped by in mediocrity ... a helplessness that I was no longer ready to tolerate.

 and .....  as I learnt in Thailand on my holiday for I was lucky to have interacted with so many locals when I chose to see their world ... i.e. looked people in the eye when they wished me their local greeting of sawasadeeha with radiant smiles. Their smiles were so real and they so much wanted to please that it really warmed my heart enough to make me want to return their smiles.  If you have met up with grouchy people you will understand what I mean.  That's why the place is thronging with visitors.

No matter how fine our lives are ... as I realized through my own life of peace and plenty .. nothing compares to true enlightenment.

So how do I explain .. true enlightenment .. its a deep inner feeling of great connections of a higher purpose. My mind keeps showing me as tall as the world from the north pole to the south pole. I experience the revolutions of the world in my solar plexus.  They start so powerfully and end in such a smooth finish I simply cannot dismiss them as anything but me as a god ... teaching the world all I experience through God. Just understanding ourselves in depth. So I will always fight to share with you all I have learnt ..... that my mind played a big role in my learning ... playing out different roles in order to arrive at conclusions .... as a possibility for you in your world. Why do I use the world fight .... I conquered the thoughts that held me back and taught myself not to think of anything as either good or bad ... for only I made them good when I made it so. How may I step back when God has quietly slipped in his own capacities within me .. and the more of these that I have experienced ... I may never go anywhere else or turn my back to MasterMind ... God's most valuable gift to me ... opening so many petals for me .. like a never ending flower.

Funnily I am the same person I always was ... I just understood that I had a calling to be the best teacher on the Law of Attraction .. for me everything always ends in est .. then I just go do the work required to become my destiny .. I have been doing so for most of my life ... cooking .. I made a success of it .. reading ... reading books in the thousands ... worked smart at whatever I did through the analysis of it being a good thought .....  I just understood myself through the eyes of god.  
Its the destiny of the entire world  ... to understand the god in us .. through MasterMind.

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