What new excuse will you have to prove Larry wrong ????
Now don't get me wrong ... I am where I want to be so I already understand the way God works. Show your interest by buying my MasterMind and watch the changes that keep happening .. almost as if by magic .. and you will soon realise that God has connected with you ... and from then on he is the one who will run your life. No fears for you .. for the steering wheel is in firm hands.


Are you a nice normal person with an interest .... but does it rise up to becoming a passion ??? 

God does not play small ... for him everything must be larger that life ... raise your thinking to encompass more. The failures will always come from your end.

Success is having to eat humble pie at times of failure .... which is only a confused mind .... UNLESS ..........  failure is an option for you !!!

It never was for me ... so I had to beat the demons in my head who tried to control my results ... but it made me mad .... and oh so angry.  I learnt the all important lesson that the world is not 100% nice and the good too  do suffer ... so as a good person I was not about to sit back and have nonsense stuffed down my throat .. oh no baby .. I gave back as good as I got ... for I have always pictured myself as .... I am a little girl .... when I am good .. I am very very good and when I am bad .. I am horrid.  Lets apply a little science here ... survival is of the fittest.

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