law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana
secret of law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana

There never was a devil I say ... except when you create one in your head
Work with mind over matter .... have I seen the devil .... have you seen one ?...
I dare say we have ... but I give the devil his due .. do you ?

When God told you he is the Universe ... did you doubt him ?
If you did ... then why Sir the devil is you ... 
But you are lucky ... as there is no permanent devil ...
No real damage was done unto you  ...
You are never allowed to sharpen your claws ...
When as a bumbling silly you floundered.

So who the devil .. is the devil you ask ...
He isn't any person you know ...
For if you've never checked out his credentials ..
Or bothered to learn more about him ... its true.
Just listened to stories that did you no good
For hell is true confusion .. it is no truth.

For the truth would shock and confuse you
Leave you ... as the dithering fool
At odds with his own heritage
of  trying to be the Judge and Jury
without acquiring the required credentials.

Go put on your thinking cap,
delve into truths of yore,
Ask for guidance to learn god's truth
Why god must perforce ... become the devil's advocate !

For its because of the devil that God does not judge you
For God and devil are one ...
For He truly stoops to conquer
If you don't come to God in free will
Why ... to the devil then you must ...
The irony ... the past tense of the word devil
Is in the duality of the very word .. devil / lived ..
history .. alas !

What he must become for your sake ...
Do you know that you live in a world ...
created by God for himself ...
So what does that make you my friend ...
A God .. though of a poorly kind ...
Your feathers clipped .. don't let it be for too long.

The beauty of God is his love of all
The devil is just a metaphor ...
For when you go into the history of the devil ...
You will discover .... that there is a breaking down 
in God's world which requires a constant fixing.
And as the devil ... God does that all.

Who allows you to be angry .. why the devil my dear
Who gives you what you ask .. when you're angry  ..
Its the devil my dear .... don't you ever dare criticize Him I say ..
My eyes are bulging in my sockets ...
At the injustice of it all.

For its an allowance ... that you may exist ... 
Though temporarily out of good books.
It is life ... that God is the most careful of ..
Spirit protects it through itself ...
Never allowing you to stumble ..
Be grateful for all that is done for you.

For God is never ashamed of doing 
All that needs must be done .. for all
Have you got the balls .. to be for all ...
That's the question I ask of you.
For God may not be anything .... but God
and everything in between ...
That points to the devil .. his alter-ego .

For then you'll have to take a good hard look
at yourself .. and decide .. once and for all
Where do you fit in .. in this scheme of things ..
Don't decide now ... just tread the middle path
It is your saving grace ... for its all done for you .. His God. 

When I couldn't do all I wanted to do ...
A blustering wreck I found in myself..
Using cuss words ... swearing ..
Something I'd always looked down on ..
My whole ruddy life.
It was an allowing to God ...
To vent his frustration on us
Who don't understand him 100% 
Or have the patience that He does !

I often tell God .... you are billions of years old
You are old Man Time ... whereas I ...
count time by the tick of a clock ...
So hurry I must ... my best in my now I want
The only time that matters at all.

Is my present .. when you and I are holding hands
Engaged in creation .... of the most wonderful kind,
Blessing all that sweep our path ...
None to be left out .. I dare to say
For I play the game by God's own rules
The rules he made for my life ..
Love my all he said ... fix their broken wings
Give them my reason to fly.

And who may deny such a wish ...
made with the sincerest heart  ..
Came right out of my heart and head ...
... for myself    ... for GOD  ... TRULY IS ALL.

It is true ... there is no physical devil ... he does not exist .. but as a fear in our minds when we think we may be doing wrong ... then we only become the devil ... for we are Gods ... spiritual beings ... we must understand ourselves. To stop being the devil ... change your thinking .. for he is the true guide to leading you away from the wrong path in life. God leads you back to being God. Wonderful the love of God.

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