We communicate with our thoughts, words and actions. This is our prayer to God. Repeating prayers by rote and trying to be a good human being in your thoughts, words and actions in your  daily life increases all good that may come from those prayers. When we understand the profound ability to convey our unique wants and wishes into the language of consciousness that is prayer.
I will give a small example to illustrate this point.

Someone you personally know is very sick. You naturally wish that person a speedy recovery but there is a "doubt" in your mind. When you are communicating with your creator do you "need to doubt" ?? You should be convinced that when you have turned the problem over to 'HIM' the outcome will be as per your expectations ! Even when you "cannot see" how that may happen.....try not to doubt.  Just have the utmost faith that it will be as per your expectation. Doubting may slow the good you are setting out to achieve. Do not listen to anybody who may offer a contrary view point. Faith can and does move mountains.
Fortunate is the young man or woman who learns early in life.......to use his/her imagination (power of visualisation) and doubly so in this age of greater opportunity.


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