As Gods we are spiritual beings ....and a God must learn to throw herself/himself into some form in order to communicate and to express an individuality and of course the most important work of looking after the universe. When all of us play our different parts to perfection a near paradise is achieved.  Understanding your role in the larger scheme of things ... an upliftment takes place or a movement towards it definitely.  MasterMind is the guide to help you understand that through your soul ... you are connected to each other. Be ... your own star .. hurtling down at great speed.

I am God communicating with myself .... the me ... one of our many forms. I surprise myself daily by choosing at random some animal that I may choose or fancy to write on first just for the sheer fun of it and it is forgotton once its over. Today it was Mr. Squirrel. Each creature in nature has a trait we may benefit by copying from or learning from. Some are positive and some are not the bestest but they are the examples that God has placed for us to learn from.  Do observe that they are the attributes of God that we must admire ... always something good in everything I see ! 

We are energy beings ... energy is never destroyed .... but it is definitely flipped or alchemised. When you do not follow the laws of learning as laid out  ... our energy is flipped i.e. we may be turned into another more useful energy. This was the last lesson I learnt and wish to share through these pages for MasterMind. There are so many billions in this world and though you have a free will .... you are nevertheless on a tight leash ... when you have not taught yourself  to think the way God does want you to. Why is that you may well ask .... let me put in baldly ... as a person if you are given to faffing and procrastination .. you are then capable of doing yourself immense harm for you do not know how your life is created.  Your doubts and fears and bad thoughts are going to bring illnesses and several other problems into your life. Much too much of this writes "the end " for your life. Am I being rude ?  I want to catch your attention and ask you to think back and remember all the people who died early.   And the cruelest truth of all ... its ok when its happening to others ... but when the ball is in your court .. are you ready to not think ? are you ready to not do your damnest to help yourself . Are you ready to cope with a disbelief that takes away so many good things for your life ???  Read my article "puppets on a string ".

I share with you the power to see ... to see with your Mind's eye ... another world waiting to be found. The beauty of life is to see it from a child's perspective or point of view. Its called the magic of God  that allows you to believe in stuff you may never see except through your Mind's eyes ... hold on to it tight ... never let it fade away .... catch your falling star and put it in your pocket .. save it for a rainy day .... OR AS I SAY .... SQUIRREL IT AWAY.

This may also be explained as manifesting ............... I leave the rest to your imagination.

This ode is to my Squirrely ... for I did love his little muchhi        (moustache)
His little muchhi face.
Working hard as always ... my sweet little squirrely
Foraging ... Foraging ... saving it all for a winter's day.
See you scurrying about .. never still .. never in one place
Why do you store your hoard .. its never winter here !
A habit you say .... imperiously I say .. forget it !                      
I say leave it all behind.  
In this neck of woods -there is no lack. 
No winter is ever found here.
Opened my eyes wide ... searched and found -
The world of my plenty within ....
My thoughts that allowed me to see 
That which I just receive ... all that I want and more.

The trick .... shhhhh ... do be still ...
Close your eyes and do sit still ...
in a quiet cheery place ... begin a daydreaming,
Add a big pinch of imagination ....
To your life .... it works as I say.
Now I am there ... maybe here .. maybe there
I learnt to sit still when I learnt to fly, 
For as a God I may fly ... only through mind.

Now in the moment of my want  ... visiting heaven is too easy ..

Taking from God's hands ...  to bring things to me,
They're really such  dears ... never the doubters
The world makes them out to be.
Laying strictness at your door ... 
forces you to be ... judgemental .
You've got it all quite wrong ...
Do sandpaper your thinking ...
Allow hidden beauty to shine through for you.
Once a sinner you will be .. 
For then you're sure to see ...
Your God  .... through penitence.

Its a fresh new day .. some work must surely be done
Take the time to weave ... just close your eyes again .....
See what you "really" want ... do that everyday ..
Its easier  when it becomes a habit. 
The best time is now .. as the cock crows the morn ..
Ideas in the mind are fresh ... and bubbling over.
However .. no sweat .. any time is best.

How is that you ask ?  souls fly at night

....  or at rest ....
To its all powerful knowledge ...  it does bind ... 
Stealing for us .... a few of others' ideas.
That tapestry now becomes your world ... 
Created through a picture held in the mind's eye ... 
I added a little to it every day.
See what I gave you  .. my dream homes .. 
beaut cars  ... travels galore
All because I hoarded these thoughts 
And they do bring back to us 
Success and riches beyond our dreams.

Its Sunday here today ... or was it yesterday ...
Aaah ....  its Sunday ... tomorrow too.
Here .. its Sunday everyday .. my world as a promise ...
A promise of my work of yesterday ..
Done with complete faith in spirituality,
Given in love to those who seek these blessings.

Now I am off for the day ... to make my world my oyster .. 
Threw a dart to watch it land.
A trip is on the cards .. to make joys stand still ...
Its easy ... when you know the how ...
To it add .... the eternity of Mind ...
Its trick    ......  creation within the gifts of Time.

This poem I did write  ..  
Allowing me to dip into 
My pool of consciousness .... divine.
It was within sight ..  and never out of  Mind ... 
And that's how  dreams come true ...
Through the power of  thoughts.

The thoughts I thought ...a dreaming or a waking,
Through this poem I do write .
A beginning and an ending ... 
A beginning must hold on tight to a billowing skirt end ..
Do try to make that your quest.
Its truth will amaze .. surprise and shock ..
The living daylights right out of you.
Allow yourself to be ... your own God !

For I 've become the Creator .. 
Out of mind I do share ..
I've never shared a lie with you ... 
OF US ALL .......

These are the ways ... my friend ....
Do know they'll never end ..  
Go live the life you choose,
Fight .... fight ..... to never lose,
For you are young and sure to have your way.
Its my power ... my friend ...
Holding within itself .. yours .... changing through my desires for you ...
The power of changing ... changing others' destinies.

I am not a very animal person .. though I admire beauty of form and squirrels abound in my part of the world .... I see them whizzing by at such speeds it leaves me dizzy just watching them. Just the other day I saw the cutest sight ... there was this sweet squirrelly  sitting on a branch of an ashoka tree at the back of my house and he must have just finished eating for he took his tail between his 2 front legs and wiped his mouth with it. He was at eye level with me and the elegance of his movements left me amazed. Have you ever seen a squirrel wipe its mouth with its tail like it was a tissue. There's so much to see if we but look and I am grateful that I have the time to do so ... so that I forever hold in my mind's eye the beauty of my world.

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