I did God's bidding by writing this book .. but it was my hand that laboured on.

AN UPDATE  - just yesterday I asked three random people… two were people I had never met before ... to test out the claim I have made below. I asked the couple to randomly think of a problem they would like an answer to and then I put my MasterMind in their hands and asked them to open to any page and read. They were a bit confused but they complied. The lady is a college professor and she simply had no words to express what she felt. Mind you they had neither seen me or my book before and they were zapped to say the least. And I neither asked them their problem nor did I glance at the page to see where they found their answer. That was between them and MasterMind. AS IT WILL BE WITH  YOU AND MASTERMIND. The third person was a young man whom I have known for a while and I repeated the process with him. At first he wanted time to think .. I told him to just go ahead with the first thought that crossed his mind and then randomly open my book to seek his answer .. he read across both the open pages and his answer was just one word – BEAUTIFUL. With these results a certain calmness descended on me and I knew that the claim I made was no idle one – I come from TRUTH and that is never wrong. I now await the indulgence of others to read and come to me with their stories

MasterMind - secret of Law of Attraction

I have always been plump for most of my adult life and I think I attracted it to me. After the deliveries of my two children when somebody pointed out my "paunch" I would laughingly tell that person not to eye my safe deposit vault. Imagine dumb was I .... I was actually telling my mind to store more there..... if only I had known then what I know now .. it would never have happened. But what's done is done .. no one I know can turn time back so we need to look ahead and see how to remedy a wrong.

I cannot repeat enough the importance of reading MasterMind .... I am now on my way to losing my weight and without weight loss programmes and fad diets that never worked for me much earlier. You do not even have to eat less of this or more of that .... just read MasterMind and eat whatever you enjoy in that moment.Five helpings of icecream .. I eat it .. I tell myself that I have the knowledge of MasterMind ingrained within me and life is sweetness.

Its your commitment of love to yourself and God pulls you through it always.
I made a bold claim earlier .... that whatever your problem ... reading MasterMind will solve it for you. After I wrote it I kept wondering ... am I being boastful ... am I misguiding my readers .... am I speaking the absolute Truth ...for that is way more important  to me than any money I may earn from a book sale. So I kept asking God please tell me if I am right ...for if I am not ...then I don't wish to make false or grandiose claims that have no basis in truth. And God answered ... through the birds perched outside my window ... a veritable sing-song that lifted my spirits and sent them soaring. I was one relieved human being.

i have since gone on to prove to myself that every thought I wanted to see in my reality I have seen. To my own self I was true ... in truth. MasterMind pretty much runs my life ... I trust it completely to the exclusion of everything else. I am blessed .. for I made the choice to do so. 

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