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law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana
secret of law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana

Hi Christy, I liked your distinction between a coach and other forms of advise. When I discovered the Law of Attraction a couple of years back I was drawn to it and then I authored my own book MasterMind and then all I wanted to do was talk on the subject to friends and family. I faced a lot of resistance and it is then I realised  that all of us need to learn things at our own pace and slowly I taught myself to change.
I am also very excited about my book for it was received by me through mind transfer and it is a very very powerful book on all kinds of success, health, wealth and happiness. I AM PROUD OF THE FACT THAT GOD CHOSE ME TO SHARE THIS BOOK AND ITS KNOWLEDGE WITH THE WORLD. I am humbled too to share this bit of knowledge that my book has the capacity to answer people's questions.... when you ask a question and say a little prayer and open the book randomly .. your answer will be found on that page. And that is such a relief for me .. for I believe that all of us are on our individual journeys and all of us are at different levels of soul development so each one of us have different needs and it is only when we connect to our authentic selves do we find the answers we are seeking. My MasterMind is a gentle guide capable of  helping each one on their own journeys without me coming into the picture at all. This way I don't need to be bogged down by other people's problems and get on with living my own life while being of immense help to others through the knowledge of my book. When I arrived at this conclusion I was relieved for I know how illnesses and problems begin for humans. That knowledge is a great leveller and I am certain that I personally do not like or want to know other people's problems and allow  their negative thinking to have any adverse effect  on my life. That may sound a bit selfish but hey my life is most important for me and I come first in my world. I have learnt that we are creators of our own world and we best be looking out for ourselves for nobody else can and will do that for you. That is an unchangeable TRUTH with with you will agree with me on.

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