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just a random question … how much time do you spend reading each article of mine ? A minute or two … don’t waste your time … you cannot learn anything that way .. let alone change a lifetime of set reactions that have not worked for you. I come back again and again to read my own articles … even though I write them directly into the computer and do not need to check whether its right or wrong. Its simply right which means that the knowledge is there in my head … but I need to remind myself that it is there .. so I read and reread my own work and I am the teacher. So understand that a certain amount of effort is required from your end too. Then it must work … right … right … a hi 5 to you.

The Law of Attraction …. as I understand it in all its depth .. is literally the answer for all mankind. I say all … for God does not leave out anybody who may wish to use his knowledge to better their lives. I have been researching this subject for the last couple of years and what I have taught myself is simply amazing. I am able to throw my higher self … my sub-conscious into birds and animals and am guided by their responses. I have written about it earlier and any one desirious of learning may have to go the extra mile to dig it out to read it. Its free as is everything on my several sites except my books. I have always been a true follower of God ….. but in an everyday fashion … just being intrinsically good .. as it is a part of me and not something I need to try very hard at. When the Law of Attraction came into my life … I took to it like a duck takes to water … understanding it right away .. for partly it is our religion Zoroastrianism … talking to me in different words. The entire framework of Zoroastrianism is built on the premise of good thoughts, good words and good deeds and that is exactly what the law of attraction is all about if you were to try to put it into as few words as possible. Think good thoughts to see good results in your life. Now I am pretty sure that the whole world will agree with me on this one …. then why does everybody not take to the law of attraction ? To be perfectly honest …. that is just the very tip of this knowledge … to be thinking good all the time, to be helpful to others all the time, to accepting everybody in this world as a brother or sister … is darn hard when you have divorce / you vs me problems / and violence uppermost in your mind. The law is not attractive to such people. You are furthest from God when you are the way above …. but guess what … YOU ARE BUT A THOUGHT AWAY FROM GOD …. MAKE THAT CHANGE …. SEEK HIS SIDE … ASK HIM FOR HIS HELP …. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A SAINT FOR GOD’S KNOWLEDGE TO WORK FOR YOU … SIMPLY A HUMAN BEING WILLING TO CHANGE … WILLING TO BE GUIDED BY THIS OH SO POWERFUL KNOWLEDGE. EVERYBODY IS CAPABLE OF MAKING MISTAKES … YOU DID NOT KNOW THIS EARLIER … NOW THAT YOU DO … WHY WOULD YOU NOT BRING IT INTO YOUR LIFE ? ONE OF THE MANY REASONS WHY PEOPLE ARE RELUCTANT TO SUCCEED WITH THIS KNOWLEDGE … IS VERY SIMPLE … THEY ARE NOT ABLE TO PROJECT THEIR PERSONA TO BECOMING LARGE. CAN YOU SEE YOUR OWN GREATNESS … THAT YOU TOO ARE CAPABLE OF IMMENSE SUCCESSES IN ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE. YOU LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR AND SEE AND EVERYDAY ORDINARY FACE … WHY DO YOU NOT SEE YOURSELF AS WHO YOU REALLY ARE … A CHILD OF GOD … WITH IMMENSE POSSIBILITIES OF HOPES AND DREAMS JUST WAITING TO BURST OUT OF YOU. THERE IS SO MUCH WEALTH IN THIS WORLD …WHICH WILL BE SHARED WITH YOU .. WHEN YOU READ MASTERMIND … YOU NEED NEVER BE IN COMPETITION WITH ANYBODY TO GET YOUR SHARE. JUST SING YOUR OWN SONG. I WILL SHARE A VERY BIG SECRET OF GOD WITH YOU … WHEN I WRITE … AND I AM A POWERFUL WRITER FOR I COME FROM TRUTH …. IT IS THE BIGGEST PART OF ME … AND MY GOD HAS RATIFIED MY EFFORTS TO HELP EVERYBODY THROUGH MY MIGHTY DREAMS. GOD IS EVER PRESENT AT MY SIDE .. I FEEL HIM IN THE VIBRATIONS OF LOVE THAT I FEEL SO MANY TIMES IN A DAY THAT I HAVE LOST COUNT. I JUST KNOW THAT I NEED HIM AND THEREFORE FIND HIM RIGHT WITHIN ME … FOR HE IS ME AND I AM HIM … JUST AS HE IS YOU AND YOU ARE HIM … EVEN WHEN YOU DO NOT SEE HIM WITHIN YOU … ACCEPT MASTERMIND INTO YOUR LIFE … FOR GOD GAVE ME THIS BOOK TO SHARE WITH THE WORLD .. AS A MEANS OF CONNECTING TO HIM. THAT FIRST STEP …. YOU QUALIFYING YOURSELF… FOR YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE…. JUST AS MUCH AS EVERYBODY IS … WILL HAVE TO COME FROM YOU … ITS THE MESSAGE HE IS WAITING FOR … EVERYTHING ELSE THEN BECOMES CHILD’S PLAY … FOR GOD’S WAYS ARE SIMPLE REALLY. ALL YOU NEED TO BELIEVE IN ARE THE INFINITE OPPORTUNITIES WAITING FOR YOU. THIS IS YOUR JOURNEY .. A JOURNEY OF THE SELF THAT TAKES ALL INTO ITSELF .. EVEN WHEN YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND RIGHT AWAY … FOR HOW CAN YOU … YOU ARE JUST AT THE BEGINNING OF A NEW WAY OF LIFE AND A CHANGE OF THINKING IS DEFINITELY THE FIRST CHANGE. THE WORLD IS COMING INTO A SPIRITUAL AWAKENING ON DECEMBER 21ST 2012. BE A PART OF IT … DON’T GET LEFT OUT. BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO BE. HOLD OUT YOUR HAND TO BE IN THAT CIRCLE OF LOVE. http://www.createspace.com/3452539

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