Why is everything in nature in pairs ?  Why were humans created that they each needed to be good to the other ?  ITS ALL ABOUT THE SELF ! Do you see the underlying thread that binds us all together. 

Why was Jesus often referred to as a lamb .... the meaning of the word lamb is simply an offspring, a child. God wanted to teach us all .. that see .. I have used Jesus as an example to explain to you that just as he was my child ... so are you all. And he showed you through Jesus that as we think .. a life is created ... and that Jesus was very advanced for his time .. a thinker who understood God and tried to show mankind how to live their lives. And thus his teachings are still relevant today. God also showed humanity through Jesus's resurection that a good soul is always saved in the end and nobody need have fears. This message can be found in the lives of all  great people in so many different ways for we are so many that we need many many different examples.This is also because as we come from God .. in the ultimate God cannot be expected to punish his own .. and hence forgiveness is yours for the asking.Take the trouble to read my many articles ... for I have gone out my way to teach you things that will allow you to leave your stress, fears, negativity behind you and accept yourself  as the spiritual being that you are. 

To come back to relationships ... you will have to believe me when I tell you that your partner is a mirror image of you and all the things you don't like in yourself .. you make your partner the scapegoat and take it out on him/her. You will try to say .. gosh .. what is this Roda talking ... but break up your actions individually and examine them and be honest with yourself .. and boy it will hit you gob smack in the face. You see everyone is a child of God and by that assumption so is your partner. When you find that for some reason that things are not going so well for you .. its natural for you to want to express frustration and the only person who is closest to you is your partner and so he/she becomes the butt of your anger. So all sorts of partially true and imagined problems are conjured up by the mind. Now when you understand that your partner is also God in another body .. won't you want to treat them and love them as much as you love yourself ... for God is present in your own body too. So you have no other alternative but to love yourself ... first and foremost and then love your partner, your offsprings and all others too. You must love everybody .. for then you are protected by the God in them too. Why do I say that ... I repeat that everything exists in pairs ... so where there is positive energy ... it is because the negative energy is lying dormant there presently and you don't want to stir it up. Love and kindness keeps it dormant. So teach yourself to be good, have the good manners of sticking to the partner selected for you and stick to one. For when you are bad and keep dumping partners .. you will keep attracting the same characteristics in your other partners too. So what does that tell you. To whom is the finger pointing as the guilty one. Why you ofcourse. Like it and lump it ... it is the truth and it aint not gonna change for anybody.


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