I have taken the titles of  2 movies and using them to illustrate my point. I am a thinker so I never decide on a course of action until I have analyzed it from all angles. Analyzing things allows me to see the inherent pitfalls in any given situation as well as allows me the freedom to choose from many options.  I discovered this to be very important for there is so much information on the law of attraction and reading any random bits often led me up the proverbial garden path and would often end up derailing me. When it happened I learned to distinguish between accepting everything as gospel truth as expressed by others to thinking things through and then exercising my powers of belief. And yet there are many times when I truly agree with everything I read and that happens when the knowledge shared is important for my life and allows me to accept it as 'TRUTH'.

You see only when it makes perfect sense to you will you proceed further and take the necessary actions. But that does require a commitment from your end to yourself. When you come from placing importance on your own self worth - you will go the extra mile to ensuring it comes to pass for you in your life ... otherwise a dream may remain just that ... a dream that never reached terra firma. I know I would definitely not allow such a result for myself  and will keep trying to correct my thinking to avoid such a happenstance.

A reality of our lives ... nobody cares for your dream ... its all upto you. Its only when you refuse to back down that you will keep receiving help.That is when you come in to your own so to speak.
I often tell myself .. when my thoughts have the potential to create a punishment for me.. I address my bad thought in a firm voice ... enough ..I am who I am .. so don't take one step further. And by the sheer force of my thoughts I push the negativity away from me and it cannot have its way in my life.And I physically see them waft away from me with my mind's eye.

Even while being a true believer I did  learn some hard lessons like if I thought something .. the angels would only agree with me.. and then I would think further and say .. now wait a minute Roda ... that doesn't sound right ... so better go hunting for another thought that sounds right to you and I would become aggresive with the angels and say .. I'm sorry but I don't wish to think that .. I now know better ... and I felt uplifted in my own mind ... stronger, sharper, not somebody who will sway like a reed but someone who stands firm like a mountain and does not get buffeted by storm winds. The birds are nothing but my sub-conscious thrown into form by God so that I can see for myself  what thoughts I am thinking and understand how the sub-conscious works .... it never argues with me ... that conclusion is final ... and the right one .. as taught my many others .. as many others are also God throwing himself into a different form. 

And the most important lesson I have learnt that whatever positive thoughts I think .. however different they are from others ... they are good and right ... for those thoughts too are a reflection of the God within me and pray tell me at what level can they ever be wrong ?? Yea ... man ...life is a constant journey of amazing experiences when you are connected to your God within. I urge you all to begin your own journey and something I want to share with you ... don't try too hard to be a perfect human being .. for let me tell you ... when I burdened myself with such a preposterous notion ... I found myself swearing and using cuss words ... something I do not like at any level ... which made me dislike myself more and I thought to myself .. I was a better human being before I tried to impose on myself. Ber natural and your true self for that reflects the God within you.


If you are struggling with the present economic status of your life and wish to improve it .. you will need my MasterMind for that was the knowledge shared with me when I authored the book. I desired great wealth and MasterMind was the gift I received from God for its creation .. something that was quite effortless but so soul inspiring ...lifting me into a better and better mood with life each and every day .. so much so that life ceases to be a struggle when good things keep coming my way. The sun just shone with more light just now as I write this ... something I noticed over my shoulder as my window is behind me. It is light being given its due respect in life. Light is knowledge used wisely.

I have heard many people share this ... show gratitude .. in order to receive more. Now English is a funny language with many words having an overall similar meaning .. but also a precise meaning too. So I would often tell God earlier ... everyone asks me to show gratitude as a way to manifest ..and I dutifully tried ..but then I would turn around and ask God to commiserate with me ..for it was difficult for me to pretend as it just did not seem right to me. However, I would clarify and add quickly .. but I am grateful for the fact that I now enjoy as much sugar as I want and have not taken a single tablet for the last nine months though I had been a diabetic .. I had cured myself through my thoughts and my God within. There are many many more gifts which I have received for which I in my deepest part am amazed that they are mine to enjoy and every time I remember them I am grateful. That gratefulness is real and genuine and brings tears to my eyes every time I remember myself before and after my connection to God. That is all that is expected of you. Be your real self .....and love yourself the way you are. Then you love God ..for he created you just the way you are ... but you are expected to keep on bettering yourself ..for that is progress.

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