Religions - use and misuse

As humans we all have one element that defines us .... and that is our connection to God ... I do not think that there can be even one single person who is not connected to God. Arguably there are some who are more connected and some less and that is just a matter of degrees of awakening. As soon as a person becomes informed of his innate capacity to connect to God personally ... he is intrigued. As first he may deny the possibility for he truly has not thought of this before and therefore does not know how he thinks to himself ... can this be possible ...and what he is actually saying  is - I need to know more to understand the truth of what you are saying for I've never heard of this before so tell me more !

And this person begins to dig a little deeper in to this knowledge. And we all know that when we want to learn something ... it generally tends to make its appearance in our lives .... and so this person starts reading more and lo and behold he then begins to understand the message being given to him by none other than God himself, for it is God who is the decider of what happens in our lives through our thoughts ... for it is always through our thoughts that we connect to God.

Now to address the issue of religion .... for it was created by man to keep in touch with what was most important for his life ... God .... so in essence all religions help us to keep in touch with our maker. All religions are user friendly that is they help all of us to do the one thing that is good for us .... keep up a connection with God. This was its use ... rather its correct use... and it keeps us grounded for we all need to be able to turn to God when the going gets rough. This is its usefulness.

With the passage of time, sometimes, religion has been used by a section of people to instil fear in other people and that is when a whole lot of people stopped going to places of worship. This was its misuse for anything that tries to control through fear or any other methodology is wrong. 

But did that stop the people who did not actively visit places of worship from believing in God ? Of course not ... belief in God is hardwired  into us for it is our reality ... a reality which is really really good for us ... so these people needed to find another way to reach out to God ... one that is more direct and as efficacious too. One that put control into their own hands of how they wished to communicate with God ... in words that came from their own hearts. That's not to say that people who follow religions cannot communicate with God on a one to one level .... of course we all do. But it does help to know how to guide our thoughts in a direction that helps us achieve that goal. We are all victims of wrong guidance given to us through our peers and elders and when we follow through on that guidance ... it is possible that your desires and wishes may not be heard and there is a slight disconnect between us and God and that needs to be rectified through a tweaking of our thought structures. Its really so simple that one should not make too much heavy weather out of it but simply go with the flow. After all the end result is your own good. 
Go buy MasterMind to teach you to tweak your thinking patters. 

ps : you have been given this one life to make the most of yourself. When it is
your turn to answer to God as to what you made of it .. what will you say ... will
you be able to hold your head high and answer with a firm yes .. Yes God I did
learn the lesson you shared through your MasterMind .. yes I did try my best.
And God will proudly tell you ... I am proud of you my child ... I saw what all
you did to succeed. And it shall come to pass.

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