I have watched so many videos on the date December 2012 and all of them tell a different story. So what is the truth ...... I would like to think that as our world population is growing ... God is setting into place some changes that will allow the earth to remain hospitable to us ... its users. People all over the world are becoming more and more aware of  'WHO THEY ARE .... AND THEIR INDIVIDUAL POWER'.

Its a shift to a higher way of life ..... a way to protect yourself .... a knowledge of connecting to God as a way of protecting yourself against the winds of change and survival is always of the fittest. So how fit are you to survive ..... do you know the art of communicating with God ..... GET MasterMind TODAY .... your very survival depends on it .... for when you are connected .... your 6th sense gets activated and will warn you of possible dangers and help protect you against them.  Don't takes chances ... protect yourself !     Don't take this information lightly for nobody really knows what's going to happen. 

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