I have mentioned earlier that I was a diabetic patient for the last 10 years of my life. However lately I have begun to notice several changes in my body for the better so much so that I have never felt better. I had a visit to my doctor scheduled for last Tuesday the 13th September and I had decided that I would learn to put my fears behind me and heal myself which means that my sugar would be normal. 

And I did both the tests - the pre as well as the post. I am happy to be able to truthfully say that my MasterMind pulled me through for I went to the doctor's with a copy of my book and I kept reading it the whole time to keep my thoughts from going negative with worry. I had to sit from 8.30 am in the morning to about 12 noon and as you can well imagine how many patients there are at a doctor's with their hundred and one different problems. But I sailed through like a ship reaching harbor after a storm and I am uploading my report for you to see with your very own eyes that I speak the truth.

However let me add that the doctor has not discontinued my medication but that's because if you saw my report of July/August you'd freak out yourself. I am putting them both up for you to see. Just last month he had threatened to put me on insulin because of my high sugar.I can even talk about it now dispassionately without any twinge of fear for I have conquered that fear once and for all.Please understand that I am not writing this for you to start doing what I did but if there is an illness that you wish to eliminate I ask you to work with your doctor while you read MasterMind and I guarantee that you will come out hale and hearty. I only wish to be an inspiration for anyone desiring a cure for themselves. The cure begins when you decide to believe with faith in God in a cure - despite what is currently your present circumstance. Then it is important to keep out the fears by reading my MasterMind everytime a doubt crops up in your head. Slowly and steadily you begin to tweak your thinking patterns to eliminate the doubts (bad thoughts) as soon as they appear and voila like magic you will find yourself experiencing a state of mind that is simply to be experienced for you to believe. I tell you it is something worth striving for ...for I speak from my own experience when I say that I am glad I was given this opportunity to learn so many beautiful things of life ... which by the way have always been ours as our birthright .... when we believe enough in our own selves. It is a journey like no other and you will come back to this very page to thank me again and again and again ... I am that confident of my MasterMind.

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