MasterMind - secret of Law of Attraction

Be totally honest with yourself .......

Do you believe that .......there never was and never will be any possible combination of circumstances that can defeat any man or woman who wishes to get rich along the strictly scientific ways outlined in my book MasterMind. No man or woman who obeys the law can fail to get rich any more than if you multiply 2 by 2 and fail to get 4 ?

Do not become anxious and keep thinking of possible obstacles or unfavourable circumstances ? There is time enough to face them -  if they ever do present themselves in your immediate present. I can't stress this point enough.........we tend to be compulsive worriers of imagined problems so focus less on an imagined problem.  And the best thing you want to hear from me is this - no difficulty ...  will present itself unless first thought of and even then carries within it the wherewithal for overcoming it. Everything is in pairs in this world .. a problem cannot exist without its solution -- the both go hand in hand and when you understand that ... even problems become manageable.

Another truth you want and need to hear from me is may expect to have a certain thing at a certain time.......and not get it at that time. Do not get disappointed. Do not think of it as failure ......instead with faith in your heart do realise that that delay is only an apparent one. 

Do carry on daily as you need to and you will receive that thing -and maybe something  more too  and it will be only then you will realise that that seeming delay was because something much bigger was lying in store for you to receive. To continue to feel in the vibration of receiving be grateful for the little little gifts you receive daily. I am personally experiencing this so I speak from my own experience.

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