law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana
secret of law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana

MasterMind secret of Law of Attraction

A warm hello to all who come by my posts to read what I write. Yesterday I had the good fortune to hear the interview Brendan Burchard did with Paolo Coelho on his US / Canada launch for his new book Aleph. They did not touch on the meaning of the word aleph but as far as my memory goes to when I was a mere child I was taught the persian script and aleph is its first alphabet. Anyway I digress. My reason for writing this post is to touch on the quintessential meaning of our lives. The gist of the 60 minute interview which by the way was a pleasure to hear is - that each and every one of us are searching for our "personal legend" as Paolo Coelho called it and "my authentic self" as I call it.

We all of us are ordinary mortals .... learning and teaching ourselves ... till we reach the point when we can take a deep breath and say to ourselves ... yes this is what gives meaning to my life. You see we are all deeply connected spiritually and what makes us truly happy is to be able to understand ourselves and then help others understand themselves. No man need ever feel like an island .. that he is alone .. if he opens his mind to accepting his authentic self .. that he is truly a part of the world and that we are all one and the same. Scratch me and I will bleed ... the same colour of blood as you. Search for good and you will find it ... search its opposite and you can find that too .. so what would you like your search to be about. From my personal experience I can tell you I have experienced it all in order to understand its intrinsic philosophy. I am utterly fascinated by this knowledge so I keep teaching myself and I spend all my waking hours analysing it. 
My destiny was defined for me by Infinite Intelligence - write MasterMind and share the knowledge in it with the people of the world. They just need to own MasterMind and read it again and again and God will talk to you through its pages. I am just a mere mortal who did God's bidding. Read my chapter on how God connects with you when you open your mind to accepting his grace. It was truly a defining moment in my life and everytime I read my own MasterMind I am moved to tears by the sheer beauty of what I have written and how blessed and protected I feel when I have MasterMind next to me .. for like you I too was filled with a myriad of fears and it has taken me some time to tone them down and then eliminate them completely. Now every time a fear crosses my mind I instantly recall the relevant words from my book and say to myself .. no Roda .. that was merely a bad thought for the devil or satan was your bad thought. And its ok to have some fears occasionally for they do have their reasons but you need to be able to look beyond them and that takes practice. Reading and re-reading a page, a para or a chapter as the mood takes you will bring an inner calm to your life ... one which is your birthright to experience for you too are a child of God and God is pure love, non-judgemental ...even when you make mistakes or stumble in your faith. Just be good to yourself and forgive yourself for that is the correct thing to do.

Now I reach out a hand to help you in your life's journey by offering you MasterMind as your guiding light. Accept it with grace ....for it is grace who has decided to bring you to this page to help guide you and bring beauty and other good things of life into your life. It is upto you to define what is important in your life but let me tell you why you will not be able to go away without MasterMind ... becauseMasterMind offers you knowledge .. knowledge which you yourself consider to be important and an inseparable  part of you .. your authentic self .. a child of God .. just like me.

It is possible to bring peace and harmony in your day to day life which is all that a lot of people truly want .... by learning to elinimate worries and doubts.

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