Right from the very beginning my thoughts were guided through the words I had written for posterity in MasterMind. Anger at goodness being compromised in the world was my catalyst ... our very core is in goodness of holy spirit but somewhere along the way the paths have become too many ( thoughts from different minds leaving a trail in words penned by them ).

Truth / goodness sound more like lessons whereas stories often leave an ambiguity on the table of consciousness that may miss the inner message being conveyed through them. I have cursorily glanced at the thoughts of Krishna / buddha / jesus and though they are called consciousness I was horrified to see they too were thoughts of this world .. the physical world. And that is when a eureka moment came to me. I too am doing the same thing and yes I do not think I am any less than any of them either for I easily found the flaws in their words and yes I am sure that history may find flaws in my writing too in the future for it is my life that I speak off just as the others spoke of their life's experiences too. It is our journey that all write about .. so what is the lesson ... a similar journey is necessary for all. And no, everyone does not have to convey it in word form .. go right to the end .. good deeds and leave them behind for posterity to judge you.
So to come to the message of this article .. it is but one and the same. It is the message in MasterMind . MasterMind is not a story but a lesson. A lesson that is relevant for all for it was tried and tested by me to prove its authenticity. No matter how many times I went round and round .. no matter that it is now 6 years since I authored MasterMind .. it has remained steadfast to my mind and kept raising my ego as the master of all I survey. I remained the dot of goodness in the middle ... slowly changing from a person who repeated wisdom just to impregnate my mind with it .. to using commands and having them obeyed. Why does this work ?
Just the one word love as its highest expression coming down to like / tolerance / forgiving of all that was done to me .. but never forgetting the wrong done ... so that it dared to never repeat itself in my life ever again.
I began my work as a hand of the holy spirit of God the Creator ... even in the face of miseries staring me in the face all around the world and the whole world expecting God to do all the work by praying to a God in a church or a temple or a photo frame. If you think back at the faces that stare back to you ... they are human. So the clear message is work with wisdom of Mind of God found in messages like MasterMind. That is what I became through a continuous using of wisdom into my daily life .. I became the Mind that thought like a Master. A good and benevolent Master to the self first for it is only then can you think of another as good. To be honest I saw the feet of clay in others' easily. So it would seem that my ego is what was at fault. But heck no ... what I saw myself as did not make me jealous of others or envious. I walked my own path and had not the faintest idea what the rest of the world was doing for I neither read the newspapers or magazines or listened to the news and I realised that I will probably never do so again. The rare times I come across the media blackening someone's name or besmirching someone's good name I see the uphill task of such souls to rise above the ordinary to beat that devil. How will that soul feel pristine ... if all five fingers are pointed at people .. say politicians .. why would you expect them to become good ? But if you learnt to be kind and say .. they are doing the best they can ... they will surely improve with experience ... probably their souls will feel the support of others and work in tandem with your beliefs of them. Is that not the least you would expect for yourself ... were you to find yourself in their shoes. Adversity is the strangest bedfellow .. if it has a monkey looking over its shoulder ... doom and gloom is the order of the day. The opposite is self explanatory. Use this as a guideline for your life. The word monkey has deeper connotations than you imagine. It is clear in its delineation ... the monkey pits you into the Darwinian story of evolution and the monkey as your ancestor ... taking away your power to controlling your own mind as a master from out of the past. The past is where everything begins. It is a lesson of what never to follow. In this state of existence (for you choose it through the authentic story you believe in) the monkey will forever be your guide .. a sadder tale there is hard to find ... there are many facets to this story which I saw but do not care to repeat for I have learnt the wisdom of letting sleeping dogs lie. Raising such thoughts from out of the past brings back those ills into reality. Do most people even begin to get this. Would I be talking of it .. if I thought others understood it. I am so darn right to cling to my own version of my ego for it gave me better things than most people get.
If you are ambivalent of yourself .. you are going to be that for others too and your raison d├Ętre for being in this world in this space and time is not an authentic one. Not everybody is expected to follow in my footsteps and seek to become a guide for others .. but it does not hurt to try to make the world a better place by you learning to become more authentic and powerful in your own skin.

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