Have just begun learning french .. and one of the first words I learnt was the word
cat and today a visit from a cat made me pen this verse.


Was it a he or a she
Really do not know
But she came
To my kitchen door !

Meow she said .. as cats are want to do
Gentle was she .. a black and white beauty.
I answered her .. equally gently
Meow I said in my softest voice too.

She was obviously looking for food
Something I did not give her
Maybe she came for a little love
For we talked  in our softest voice.

I explained to her my problems
And hoped she'd understand
Why I did not give her anything
Was for her to remain free.

It was a true reply for it came with love.
I must mention here the tabbies that come
To my front garden too.
I see them sitting still.

On my boundary wall they wait
For the rat to come up for air
Have never actually seen them catch one
But that's because .. my interest is soon elsewhere.

They bother me not ..
Even when I really don't much like ...
Animals in my house !
I feel all life was born free.

And I accept that those
That truly love all life ..
Understand the power of freedom
Its mastery for the self
Whatever that may be !

Its never fine .. sad as that is
To be locked up physically
And not allowed to roam
I understood this .. through myself.
Its not the way you think it is.

True freedom is being allowed
To make your own choices
Not have a spirit sitting in your head
Telling you what to do.

Negative / positive .. who are you my friend
I did not seek an opinion or advice,
I was present .. same as you
When God was giving out brains !!

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