Greatness is achieved by doing something small everyday but doing it well .. in focus and sync with the idea of sharing some wisdom that defines us all. It is not that we do not know this but sometimes it needs to be brought  to the forefront of our minds.

All my life I had this awareness within myself ... all of us do .. to be bigger than we already are. Most of us also have inhibitions / challenges / commitments and I am talking to the women here ... that limit our capacity to break through the proverbial glass ceiling. It was the same with me ... and I kept pushing myself on to the back burner ... unwilling to do anything that felt like a compromise. I am gifted with a thinking brain ... even when I am doing something as mundane as cooking ... I use mental slides to project my work from the beginning to the end. It must be in perfection of itself ... so it goes without saying that I am good at all cooking. Once you master this trait it can duplicate itself into all kinds of work. Its important to see its end .. for there is where success is measured or seen. A beginning with haphazard work certainly does not create success. Last week I wanted to bake a chocolate cake but lately I have found scant joy in doing such work. Just want to get it over with as fast as possible so I did not use the beater for it was too much work to take it out of its drawer and plug it in. I just expect it all to be done for me and as I have always had a cook it just happened. My daughter did point it out to me .. mama why are you not using the beater ? But an ennui had set in and I was unfocussed. I put the batter into a baking dish but did not realise that it was just a tad too small and you can guess what happened. As it began to rise the cake mixture kept falling over the sides and there was one royal mess to clear up plus the loss of half a cake. Never wish to have such an experience again though it showed me both its sides ... the good when I am focussed from beginning to end and its flip side. So how does one measure success ... going out and conquering a mountain or doing small bits of work that illustrate that success can begin right here and now in our lives. This forces a habit of a work ethic which is strict with the self .. often demanding more than most people understand that they must give. Baking a lovely cake is success too .. and you will agree with me when I say that it too can bring joy within you .. and outside you when others appreciate it. After all your family is your world too.

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