" There is a powerful exercise, quite simple , which I began to use many, many years ago.
Who would I have met on the way , be it a person or an insect , the first thought that I assume with respect to this point: "I wish you happiness ! " But most importantly, that this idea was indeed the very first , "I wish you happiness ."
It completely changes on what is going on between you and that person.
I say this from personal experience .
Sometimes it's very difficult when you meet the enemy when you find yourself face to face with an unexpected tough situation ...
And at this point you get an opportunity to create more space around you ... You see how it pops up this negative emotion , and before it will take "up" over you , you have time to convert it ... You see everything as it is: that's evident ignorance ; anger - not that other, as ignorance from my side, from their side..
Convert him, let go , turn into love.
Try it and see how much everything will change in your life . "
~ Richard Gere

Roda Langrana .. did read this before and I have stuck it on the softboard next to my computer. Becoming a Conscious Creator was my desire for nothing seemed to want to stop me .. in fact I seemed to be self propelled. for none may stand in another's way when there is enough resources for one and all .. always. The devil thought did hurt me a bit but I understood that the way forward was to see some opposition and then learn to control it by tapping into healing instantly so that no illness ever got out of control. What I see in the world hurts my sensibilities .. disabilities etc which people feel sorry for and keep sharing again and again whereas the true way to eliminating anything from the world is to never speak of it ever .. for when you never speak of it .. it cannot exist for it is thoughts that keep creating and recreating bad too when you do not understand the formula. If at all you desire to love yourself in perfection or wish to bless your future generations you would never be able to walk away from MasterMind. MasterMind is evergreen wisdom .. it will never get outdated for it is not a story book. It is not to be read as a lark but in the seriousness of a true love of the self (it is to free the mind of any mental blocks ... it will matter not to me whether you buy it or not ... for it is you it is meant to improve .. I am its master .... the creator of the set of words that exist within it .. and all I do is talk of love .. its manifold aspects and its true goal ... to give ... anything and everything to you who feels rich enough to pay the 99$ that is the price of the book. I just saw that amazon has offered it for 80.95 a discount of 18$. Grab it while the offer is still on. The picture that my mind shared with me when I would think of my MasterMind .. was a head resting on a shoulder .. ready to let go of all its tensions and problems and just breathe in rhythmical silence. That it does not doubt that it is loved by God. It is also true that you will always see God through MasterMind too ... and that God has come to you .. you must have to accept ... for your results will show that God has ratified this for your own life .. the promise it made as a Creator at the beginning of the world .. and that has remained unchanged from then and will be the same till eternity .. for God has no beginning and no end ... but I became so much more powerful in my own eyes when any opposition to me I was able to control through my own mind ... removing any illness that was often being forced into me in the beginning. I am over that and I accept that illnesses can never be a part of my life ever again for I have learnt to control energy. Love is the major key or should I say the only key for then there is no need for a control. I own the power to heal others without even telling them that I am doing it on their behalf. I just do it because it pleases me to do so .. for then I see my own greatness through my own eyes .. and not need the careless attention that others paid me. It is called self authentication and you are the sole master of your work. There is no other critic allowed within my circle so that I may work at my bestest ... it was my own decision to follow this path .. for everything comes to me in an effortlessness .. no trying hard or anything like that. I just think or speak and I see it done. I am pretty sure that I must be the only one in the world as at present to be in this place and time but that is because others have not grasped the whole truth of God just as yet .. but I do hope you will soon .. for it is lonely at the top and I could do with some company. Wisdom / money / complete health / good relationships are some of the things I owned before I began .. allowing me to be generous in my giving when I felt no real lack for myself. One step higher is to assume that everything is the same energy as you ... I wish me happiness. It all began for me in perfection when I uttered ... I see a little bit of god in everything ... for it is that little bit that must fight with their demons to come to quench their thirst to heal in all ways as yet unknown to their minds for the key words are locked up in MasterMind .... and I have seen the true spirit of goodness waiting in patience within me and the outside forces trying to rock my boat .... and I did not allow it to stop me. I continued with my thinking and kept growing bigger with my capacities to think in clarity of thoughts ,,, just one powerful thought for the world for their was never a grudge in my heart .. even when the universal spirit did not move aside to allow me my success .. when a profoundly blessed thought came to me I shared it with the world as a blessing too. Now when you juxtapose this against all that you read in newspapers as the reality of the world .. you must understand the hand of the devil too as a spirit of negativity that works in hardships for its life .. the poor have no recourse to goodness for it is found in intelligence of the written word. Educating the poor is to bring God to their door too and it has always been considered the highest form of service to humanity. This is the path and it is known to the world ... a set pattern so that all may follow in the sublime hope of receiving it. It is always an individual's experience with itself .. its own mind .. which it must tap into to fully understand itself. It must then choose its own way to express the goodness it receives ... whatever makes you particularly happy to be .. must always be shared to allow others to live through that hope too. When you accept that your life is already pre-ordained and you are but living it out now .. is when you finally understand that there is no particular reason for anything ... we are actually playing out our life in games .. hide ourselves from ourselves before we are born and rediscover ourselves after we are born. If you use the keys for connecting both worlds .. then life is lived through a certain amount of perfection for spirits of angels are there to help us in the background. There is no sanctity or any reason for the god word if it did not carry a definite promise. For we must connect to God in our minds through imbibing wisdom. God is then able to fulfil the promises it made to us all through its wisdom of words. Namaste .. I bow to the god in you ... is to never see an enemy your whole life .. its my take on life. Just saying the word namaste is a random act of goodness but promises no rewards .. but understanding words and their inner meanings then will definitely give you its gifts. God must show you the side of its energy field that you declare proudly belongs to it. God works through mind .. so choose wisely. All the rubbish we see in the world comes out of minds that know not their role as a creator .. allbeit of rubbish in their case. You have a responsibility to the world .. for the world is created with our thoughts.

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