law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana,
secret of law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana

Through myself I can share what is more dignifing for any life. All of us hold capacities to becoming a master through our own mind. You are at a certain level of mental growth and just need a push to go higher. Its like climbing a ladder. Some hold the capacity to take 2 steps at a time .... some can sprint up the steps fast and some are so scared that they will hold on to the bannister lest they fall. This is a metaphorical example of how people lead lives ... but as I wish to be positive .. I will say that all the ways of motion till takes one where you want to go. I will hold the example of Shiva as it is mahashivratri today. Now sai baba as we all know was a good man ... humble etc etc but through his life we can see how he lived his life. A good man but he did not lead his life in comfort ... I have not seen a single picture of his where I saw a smile on his face so it begs the question .. was he happy ? I don't think so ... and that is the twist in the tale .. And that is the message from such a life. Follow me and know what my choices brought me. Simple fun / laughter / joys .. I am that lesson .. the wisdom in the words of MasterMind ... something so profound ... it grabs your attention for it connects with you. It has the capacity to be be a teacher of anything from a to zee. That was my personal experience.

Take any picture of shiva .. he has his kundalini represented by the snakes around his chest in full view of all. He is considered the creator. So if you had a choice whom would you follow. Now don't get me wrong .... I am not making any comparisons here ... for all are incomparable to one another ... they each hold messages from out of themselves. Its the message you link to that eventually brings you your lesson.

An earthly guru can never be the lesson ...for then you must always remain tied to their apron string. With MasterMind ... accepting the god in your own mind frees you. The lesson of god must culminate in freedom ... an ability to be the best you can be in this earthly life through an analysis of life from your own perspective ... not mine ... I am the example of possibilities also waiting to be tapped for your own life. This is the difference .. let me explain .. every human that ever trod the earth became wise through trial and error. Following the guru means a piecemeal success rate ... depending on how much you understood. the lesson or will remember it .. for it did not originate from the pristine source of your own mind .... whereas accepting wisdom of god directly into the mind for the self .. allows you to the freedom to grow into wisdom very fast.

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