Spirit of negativity was / is and will always remain  the devil for your life. If I have said it once .. I say it a million times .. no 80 million times and I will be right every single time. That is the price I had placed for the devil to be eliminated and so it is my now. Spirit would create banging noises anywhere around me .. why .. what is their biggest fear .. they cannot make a noise .. so they create a fear through using illiterate minds. I soon saw through their ruse and laughed and laughed so heartily .. they felt foolish. So they had to then switch their story to being children. Just a face saver .. even though it could have been their truth or it may not have been so  IN THE PRESENT .. THEY HAD TO KEEP CHANGING THEIR STORY FOR ME TO SEE GOD / DEVIL / AND DUMB SPIRIT .. ALL HIDING IN THE SAME PERSON .. FOR WE ARE NEVER THE SAME ALWAYS.  

Why is that .. just the sheer joy of using my mental talents for fun .. for that is what my mind had shared with me right at the beginning ... you were created in joy .. remain that .. don't try to change yourself too much .. for that is how god's perfection is seen. But the clincher was when we read what other minds write ... not all of it is meant for us .. for when other minds write in the ignorance of god as their source .. the devil must perforce show itself. It tells you .. this is not the way to god .. but we do not care to listen for we do not think why that particular message is being shared with you. Hence problems become reality. If you remember that the devil is but the alter-ego of god .. it is just the kindest way to go ... accepting your greatness and allowing another distressed being to exist too. God is not threatened by another being who does not hold the capacity to think in absoluteness .. so should you.

Only a mind like mine that has the capacity to think like god ... everything through one example ... is capable of doing this work. Which is why I have placed myself head and shoulders above most teachers of our world .. all is truth .. but of themselves. Let me expand on this .. the truth of a donkey has its limitations so when you act like one .. why then the world likens you to a one. Just because a donkey exists .. all life is god .. but it is not an awakened god ... so then .. should I be learning from one or someone like it ?  The donkey's truth is its benchmark .. this is all I am .. go further in my truth and you can soon turn into me. Alas .. the story is both comic and tragic at the same time. But its lesson is powerful. Here I am in all my glory .. I am cute to look at ... but that is all I am .. I don't claim to be worthy of being a teacher.

When I realise how I was conned by devil spirit carrying out a din in my head preventing my own good and powerful thoughts for my life and yours .. I seethed in rage. What I was .. I always was ... what I am .. I have always been so ... what I wished to know and learn is not outside of me ... in fact god showed me through my own body that the entire world functioned on the same blueprint.

It could be better accepted that your good and your good alone that is at the place of questioning. And if you don't agree with me .. that's fine too .. you will find yourself attached to a devil who will ball your head off. The quicker you bend to such a reality will be to your advantage otherwise keep paying bigger prices.  You see new thoughts change old realities otherwise the old formula keeps repeating itself.
Within the world of god i.e. you. Only life is existence .. I hope you can cope with that logic ... that is why most people suffer .. they are looking for a god that can only be found within them. Be good see god .. be bad .. see the devil. I belong to the zoroastrian religion and I have this perfect formula in its teachings. It is the first religion shared with mankind .. everything else came out of the minds of others who wanted to improve the original.  In my life I have never found a copy to be better than the original ... stories copying the life of zoroaster suddenly started cropping in other religions like christianity .. the story line fudged a bit to sound original .. or it could also be they had a slight variation in their manifestations. Ah well when you accept that the mind of god is definitely imaginative and keeps wanting to create .. you must then accept that all variations serve their own .. AND WHEN YOU DON'T LIKE THE STORY SHARED THROUGH RELIGION .. DON'T BEAT IT .. FOR ONLY STUPID MINDS DO THAT .. BE BIGGER AND THINK I COULD ADD A LITTLE TWEAKING TO THAT TO MAKE IT SOUND MORE LIKE WHAT I WANT FOR MY LIFE. HOW DIFFICULT IS THAT ... 

Nothing is ever created in the future .. what you think gets created in quantum motion of the now ... why when God energy is just as much as you ... why do you need to go to ancient wisdom or the science of things or how things work like manifestations / affirmations / meditations 

 I am a mild mannered individual but if I could have caught the devil I could have killed him quite easily with my bare hands.  But the saddest part is that they work out of unsuspecting minds ... good minds .. loving minds who thinking no evil 

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