At such times,surrender everything to the all knowing God. The greatest power is in surrender to the Divine.

My answer to the above

then what happens to free choice ... what is the purpose of your existence in this reality of the physical world when you are really a spirit .... for that is what you are and what you will keep returning again and again to this world to experience .. heaven and hell are both here ... it is what you allow yourself to create for your own life ... AND THAT ONE SINGLE BOOK OF 120 ODD PAGES ... HOLDS YOUR FUTURE OF YOUR OWN LIFE .. what then is your role as a living god in this world ...  why not a surrender to the Divine that is within you and do your own thinking .. HOW CAN YOU GROW INTELLECTUALLY UNTIL YOU LEARN HOW TO DO YOUR OWN THINKING OF CREATING A NEW LIFE FROM OUT OF YOUR OWN THOUGHTS ... THINKING LIFE AS GOD SHOWS YOU ALL THE WONDERFUL THINGS YOU CAN TAKE A DECISION ON AND LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO SEE THEM ALL COME TRUE.  The ability of your own mind to think like a god is within you ... my journey into spirituality was god's way to show me that though we are powerful minds ... each one thinks differently and has different jobs to do in the world ... god showed me .. see this is what will happen when you read MasterMind. It took me a long time to finally understand without questioning that I am the only god for myself ... AND YOU TOO CAN BECOME ONE THROUGH MasterMind  .. THAT IS NOT AN UNCHANGEABLE FACT .. IT DOES HAPPEN AS GOD THINKS  .. AND IN THIS CASE IT IS ME .. AND YOU MUST COME TO MY KNOWLEDGE AS IN MasterMind .. AS WE ARE ALL BABY GODS .. IT IS THE SAME LESSON FOR ALL.  THAT IS NON-NEGOTIABLE. then everything came to me. My success came when I understood one truth of god and taught it as a lesson. I became the knowledge for what I taught was from my own mind understanding realities of our world. Everybody is not expected to teach .. just understanding truths of how you understand MasterMind and apply them to your daily life ... keeps creating more and more gods in the world and the darkness of negativity that existed because there was no right knowledge to fill the mind disappears. That was the way for me to take the world forward ... by creating a better world for all .. now isn't that the way god is supposed to work. We are baby spirits on our way to becoming a good mind .. the power of god ... and I know I speak the truth that my mind when I saw god in it .. only gave me so much positive love and what was negative there from earlier .. I saw outside of me. That too is how god is .. no negativity can ever touch you when you undertake to read MasterMind .. it is like taking off a heavy coat (black) and owning a new one of light.   I did not need to go anywhere .. I just shared the love of god with others ... and I got the customers for my book. MasterMind is written for the world to benefit from and the truth of what I have shared will become evident to you ... what I want for myself >> I want for all my readers of MasterMind. That is love without judgement ... and I will share one more truth ... true knowledge of god will flow to you only after you buy MasterMind .. for God wants you to understand that you must first decide ... decisions make life simple.  God plays no favourites for what God says I am the same ... one book is enough for all.  

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