Coralling is the mere act of putting the world holding hands facing one focal point ... the dot i.e. the central focal point. MasterMind and me.  You go where you are led ... simply .. it is already a recognisable formula .. never shared in such straightforwardness .. but its the way I work ... for couching words in lies to make them sound sweet is actually medicine coated in sugar ...  it would be foolish to do anything different. Its not for nothing that you are being led to the ultimate gift from God .. knowledge ... bend you did not on your own .. now you are forced to ... how .. the ultimate rod for the self .. love .. for the self and the other.

You have dined off my table ... the best in knowledge was placed before you free right from the start ... a giving in the knowing that this way must pay me back in abundance. When it was God as the guiding hand for my life .. I just went on right ahead .. revelling in the knowledge of giving .. till I said to myself .... what a nutcase are you ... about 450 articles ... poems of inspiration .. heaven knows how many and yet you go on and on.  I just said shoo shoo now go about your own work and leave me to mine.  And despite knowing this .. I decided to shape things in my own fashion .. through the story.  As long as I tell you the story .. you are beguiled, enchanted as it were .. your defences are low .. you will shed a tear for punishing the hand of god that you could not see. If god did not work through us .. by being right in our midst .. we would all be lost sheep. You will have to clone yourself .. but say what cheek I do not consider myself a sheep. Voila you are now out of the sheep mould. As a god just one sentence utterances change realities for us. You may not be shown this initially for then you will sit down and bask in your own glory and not do a thing. But that way lies boredom .. the advantage of a godly life is to have as many experiences as needed to enrich your life.

Laziness expects a free ride .... no matter how many times I wrote about my MasterMind and its several virtues through truths of god ... most people were kept dumb .. until I finished telling my story and was ready to write the end ....  they just read the article as a story and at one level I could not blame them for they could not connect to it as their story but what surprised me was the fact that they were not inclined to be inspired from my story and see that what was true for me could be true for them too ... through MasterMind. Absolute twerps I call them ... for even when I was a god in their immediate circle .. they could not see me as One.
Most people obey only one master .. the one who has money. But not all who have money are gods. God exists .. then so must life. There is no judging life .. of who is deserving of it or not. Just imagine my horrendous experience 2 days ago.  I have heard stories of how the law of attraction did inspire Bill Gates and he is currently the richest man in the world. He does so much charity and yet I read stories of how he was involved in administering secret vaccines to keep birth rates down amongst the poor. And I accidentally stumbled on this information while searching for his home address to post him a copy of my book. Imagine that ... I felt as if a bee had stung me and I withdrew into myself.  I would then have to come back to the idea planted in my mind when I began. A miracle was I going to share with the world ... my capacity to garner millions in sales of my MasterMind just through the most simple premise in the world ... of walking with God. Pay attention to the capitals where I place the word G O D. A smaller lettering is us and the capital is our Creator from where all life began.

Understanding that I am god within and able to organise it all for my own life through the most simple ways of being good to all I came across.  And the test I put myself through .. each one I shared a lesson with represented one aspect of us as gods... positive / negative / dumb / over smart / etc etc. If I had to share them all I would have to cover the entire dictionary.  It was my journey to understanding that I can be all things to all others.  So where did that find me ... in a place securely my own. It was my capacity to use the rod effortlessly .. by feeling a most extraordinary pity for the ones that did not come willingly into the fold of God.  I became the light of Mazda that I have always been intrigued by and so admired my whole life. I would always feel something within telling me that I would be very famous one day ... but I did not know how.  That I would reach the pinnacle or zenith for myself is something I have always been comfortable with. No half measures .. its always all or nothing.

Spirit walked my talk with me ... they were the ones who did not willingly give of themselves and I did use the rod on them.  The way I have used my energy flow .. in full control of it was what I took for granted.  For me I worked only with my energy .. a soft and undulating flow to reach out to others. An elimination using the signature of god to destroy into the earth. The snakes nestling on my shoulders .. the sign of the healer. I could zap energy that did not conform to my ways through lightning bolts.  And this is the ultimate lesson .. you are given just one choice ... come into god or be left out. Out means take all the minuses of life .. they are not yours to choose .. you just will keep getting battered through them ... until you are flipped.

I remember when I first began .. I was arguing with God in my mind and you know what happened to me ... I was in the bathroom and I was thrown on to the ground.  Flat ... I was so livid that the only feeling I felt was a diminishing of my ego. I was instantly ready to go into the fighting mode. As gods we stand tall .. anything that flattens us is but a lesson. Be aware I exist too.  Most people would imagine that they slipped and fell .. and it was all their fault .. but it was actually mind punishing you ...  but I was shared this difference. Its a punishment and boy was I mad .. I spoke clearly to that energy .. try that stunt on me again and see what I do to you.

I am who I am is what I have been known to share.  Light is only one .. the light of knowledge .. for everything is shared through a thought / words / deeds.  When I learnt to teach my maids to cure themselves ... they are unlettered. I had to use the ultimate tool for them. The rod .. I was tough. The devil punished them with an illness and I used my rod to break that illness in 5 minutes flat. My cook said she had had a fever and a sore throat.  I just told her drink water. She said later ... I want to go to the hospital to see the doctor.  In my deadliest voice I told her pick up that glass and drink. I forced her to drink 2 full glasses and when I asked her 5 minutes later how she felt ... she excitedly told me ... aunty you always tell me to believe all you teach me and I promise I will.  I am not feeling bad any more. In fact I saw her face had changed. She looked better in less than 5 minutes. Now I had already practised on myself and accepted the results as absolute logic .. they did not create a discord in my mind .. so I was able to replicate that result in another mind effortlessly. The sad reason why this confusion occurred in the mind of my cook was that her mother had told her that because she was fat she must drink less water. Alas her desire to get thin was stronger and she succumbed to that fear. I just reversed it for her ... I told her .. drink more water and you will lose more weight.  Just as we bathe to keep the outside of our bodies clean ... you must drink to bathe your insides ... to remove waste .. which is the only way you can become thin. No dieting necessary.

And like it is said that most people do not see goodness even when it is right under their very noses .. then becomes their punishment.  God I saw does not give before she receives a complete obeyance of all that is truth.  So what if you think you are good .. so what if you think you know everything ... you will still have to come to god ... for god showed me .. see they think they know me ... they go to churches and temples and forget about me the rest of the time. See they are not able to give joys to others .. so their own life has no joy.  Its what you give in return for what you have received free from god that will judge you in the end. For god says ... when is it your turn ?  Don't try to hide 

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