ME + MasterMind / YOU + NOTHING

ME + MasterMind / YOU + NOTHING

I spend a lot of my time listening to music on YouTube ... no matter what I am doing my personal YouTube channel is always on. I am entitled to my own channel for I have 28 videos hosted there. The advantage is it stores all my personal choices and I have even been contacted by other new artistes who send me their links for they need an audience when they are first starting out and need the help of kind people in getting their voice heard.

To get back to the message I wanted to share.  I am aware that I am doing work like selling my book online and I was very focussed in that very endeavour only ... simply because as I kept learning a whole bag of new tricks for me to accept for myself having mastered MasterMind .... my convictions kept getting stronger and stronger and I just accepted that one day it would be the day that my MasterMind would break out into the world. I had interacted with spirit too but they were of no help really .. just a further waste of my time .. through a stretching of truths that showed me clearly that the devil was more powerful than me and I could not win. So I took a step back and stopped promoting my book for it was an assault and battery to my intelligence to see none in others. 

But knowledge of perfection through the word kept me going further and further on in my day to day life.  Me being able to see just where the problems for others began just through daily life ... and even something as innocous as songs. 

For example take sadness as an act of life ... I was watching this video where Rajesh Khanna was asking Sharmila Tagore to continue singing and in the past I would be pulled into his experience but nowadays I think to myself .. wow .. how much is life set to trip you up ... for GET THIS .. IT IS DONE AT THE SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL. Illness took the life of Rajesh Khanna .. when he died .. he was a sad reflection of his old self ... no amount of money or even fancy doctors could help him. He suffered and died an ignomious death .. separated from family. That is the reality for a lot of people.  

Now me as MasterMind for that is knowing me at my sub-conscious level ... able to separate the gold from shiny dross ... for when everything is shiny .. how and where will you locate the gold ???

Life hits and keeps hitting you where it matters most and all I will say .. I taught myself to be apart in the rate race called life.  Now nothing bothers me ... I  control everything through my thoughts  .. I know I can create a new experience in my life any time I want to .. for spirit and me as god walked the talk ... even though we were mostly at loggerheads (you must hold the idea of the positive / negative of life always in mind ) ... for if as a god I could not raise my own vibration to be better than them ... my journey in this life would have been as totally wasted as most of the other 90 odd % in the world experience. 

The whole idea of life is to be like god as much as possible ... for how else can a child become a parent ... it has been said a long time before .. child is the father of man .. the cycle of life. 

How can we make progress .. how can we eliminate all the bad in the world without using the tool of war as a means of conquering and winning all the abundance that is already there on this earth and this earth which can only be experienced as paradise in times of peace and love. Ask a soldier ... a man at war with himself and the rest of the world ... the rest of the world for what is expected of him .. a killing. At war with himself .. for nobody likes to kill once they have actually done it.  All the soldiers who return home from wars ... carry forward a lot of trauma into their next lives.  It is the soul that carries the weight .. forever bogged down ... the mind of god at war with the self ... and thus the devil must be born.  And it is sad that some carry heavy weights ... literally dragging themselves from one life to another. The fact that we are not aware of our past lives is but a blessing to the self ... in goodness we have been spared.  God showed me so much through the mind .... all the different parts of god that hurt and therefore must hold a suffering. Sadness in the present life is but the reflection of suffering in the last .. the sub-conscious soul being aware but not our minds which having reverted back to god have to some extent been wiped clean .. for a new life.

Those who are happy go lucky by nature are truly blessed.  

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