This may well be the most important lesson for mankind. This lesson I learnt through my own experiences with truths shared through the past.  Meditation is for quietening the soul ... giving it peace .. right ... so that the owner is then free of stress.  My question then would be .. do you have enough time in a day to sit and meditate for long hours. I know I do not even like meditation .. to sit still doing nothing bugs me no end .. I'd rather be doing something. Within the first 5 minutes I am thinking .. how long has it been. 

Who thought of this ... aah .. I remember .. the buddha. Well he could afford to .. he was a prince ... he left his family to fend for themselves and did what he liked.  So how is that right in our world. Should we all desert our families too .. to enjoy life by meditating for the whole day.  I know I could lie in bed the whole day ... meditating !!!! I could feel holy doing that ... but I don't ... I work from the time I wake up in the morning till the time I go to bed ... so does that make me a devil. 

Of course it doesn't .. for while working I am not doing anything bad !!! So there is a fine line between a lesson shared by others of their experiences and you undergoing your own experiences as per your desires.  THIS IS THE MESSAGE THROUGH MasterMind. Begin to understand yourself through understanding of who god was when he created the world.  Everything .. religion and all other knowledge has come to you through only one source and that is books. 

When I wrote MasterMind I was angry with God .. I asked him .. why is the world as messy as it is ?? We can pretend that nothing bad is going on ... I never read the newspaper or listen to the TV .. so I am safely cut off from the negativity the world is so deeply entrenched in ... fighting, killing, raping, mugging, robbing .. I want to know why does it all happen. And through my mind I received the answers which did not make any sense to me at all. 

God said my knowledge of creation exists till date in the world .. but it is also true that it has gotten scattered over the years into bits and pieces .. for people not giving it the right importance for their lives. The only reason why man may need to do anything bad ever .. is but one reason .. and that is that he does not know how to get what he wants in the serenity of god's knowledge.  So he goes out in the heat .. in anger .. it burns him .. it takes away his ability to be a god and the rest is simply a free tumble further and further downhill.

..... for I have never ever seen anything bad and that is a blessing of the highest sort.  To never ever have to come face to face with anything I did not inherently like ... makes me the person I am today .. unafraid of spirit ... negativity ... et al .. for having understood the unobtrusive way bad is created ... made me want to purge it for the world.  I suffered too for when I sided with the devil understanding how devils are created .. I was punished by god.  When I sided with god .. he flipped over and became the devil ... and it was difficult to pin him down. He went from body to body ... and I saw him in all his personas and when I was livid ... which I was on many occasions ... he simply moved elsewhere .. so I could not pin him down either as god or the devil.  

I'm now bored .. this is as much as I want to write on this subject. Maybe later .. if I feel like it .. but what are you hanging around here without MasterMind.  You're only going to get ideas .. no pain .. no gain is god's formula which I follow to the letter.  The real knowledge for you to learn how to create in the serenity of god's knowledge is safely locked up in MasterMind and the key costs $99/- . If you are lucky does offer a ten dollar discount from time to time. I don't give discounts ... for I have worked darn hard for the world ... more than any human is capable of .. for most people serve their own selves .. whereas I have served all gods doing my bit to heal the world ... these gifts you will never be able to repay me .. for they are priceless .. for they were done first in love and then hate and then love and then hate.

You have only this one life to get things right enough for your next one.  When you don't learn .. punishments are what is the current formula ... a lowering of your self in your next birth. Choice is yours my dear. My work is only to show the way. Let us hope for your sake that I just may be wrong. A window into truth for you to jump out of.  

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