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By being a leader of my I … I am now the leader of many. If I .. as Roda did not own the capacity to lead myself … i.e. see the changes I wanted to show others as entirely do-able … as the singular I .. without much outside support and working by having circumstances pitted against me .. most of the time … I then can never doubt myself ever again. To me the gain for not buckling down is so visible … making my blood boil for the times I found myself helpless .. just so I experienced others’problems … which I found utterly unnecessary .. for it did not make me feel kind towards anything.  Au contraire it toughened me so that I did not allow myself to be taken advantage of.

Lie .. the great enemy within.

How the past justified the devil and his lie became clear to me through the people around me .. my environment .. through which I saw the truths/lies/myths in ever expanding circles of negative influence. Once I understood the formula through my 3rd eye .. I would evaluate all communication through myself .. being instantly able to see the rights and wrongs being perpetrated in the world through minds being controlled by the devil. The devil does not allow you to get close enough to the knowledge of god by putting up road blocks in your mind. 

MasterMind is expensive .. I round if off to Rs.5000/- … the cost of one item of clothing for either a man or woman also costs that much nowadays .. but god forbid that your soul food should cost more or even as much as a dinner at a good restaurant .. where the only result is 10 minutes of joy as the food is injested and the money lost forever. What a waste of a mind when all it is used for is to create more night soil. This is the work left for the devil .. for the mind of god has left him out in the cold. That everyone has the potential to work with and through mind is not accepted by many.

Why is this so … humans tend to see themselves as bodies rather than the minds that they actually are. Now if this is the importance you give to your mind .. why then please don’t complain of any problems faced by you in your body .. for then your mind will keep trying to show you the inequality that you treat the 2 parts of you. All money is always lavished on the body .. whereas it is the mind that does all the work of thinking to keep you as your best in mind, body and soul. So surely money spent on knowledge should not be grudged by you .. but rather welcomed as it prevents a wastage of time for you in thinking it all up in your own mind.

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