When I began my work with the Law of Attraction ... I tended to veer to the extreme right of positivity and looked on all negativity with disdain and my nose up in the air. Life has a way of squaring all equations ... spirit brought up many I know and made me see them in other colours than I had been used to and beat me till I saw their good side in the rare glimpses that it tended to show itself.  Being a kindly person at heart I tend not to hold grudges for that is very easy when life is easy ... but when I wanted my money and spirit would harrass me for it .. I could begin to comprehend how a cornered person with no resources .. feels. For spirit is ephemeral and cannot be pinpointed as a body which you can catch and beat the shit out of. I couldn't catch spirit  .. for with me it kept jumping into different persons and talking to me through them. And I would swear in my mind and cuss ... but I never let another person suffer through it .. I did not target the person spirit jumped into to fight with them .. but kept spirit as my antagonist in mind ... till we overcame our differences ... sometimes spirit giving in first .. sometimes me .. for to be totally honest to myself ... the minute a eureka moment occurred ... I was ready to lose and give in gracefully or win depending on the circumstances. And so it carries on ad nauseum but I'm done learning this lesson.

I did God's bidding by writing MasterMind ... but it was my hand that laboured on.  As I began with MasterMind .. all my experiences were larger than life .. but slowly I learnt to take things in my stride .. a certain comfort even in discomfort was generally the norm ... till even that was pushed to the recesses of the mind ... a certain acceptance of life as potentially good and us having learnt to be be on that wave length sub-consciously. I now do not feel the compulsion to pray in fear.  Nor all my piety or wit can lure negativity back to cancel even half a line of all I've written. My persistence and determination alone were omnipotent.  I kept pressing on to my goal to solve the problems of the human race. I was my own genius when I learnt to use my given talents instead of keeping it locked up in a proverb. 

An education is worth peanuts when it forces a predetermined knowledge on you instead of allowing you to grow into a thinker. I predict future schools will be large library halls full of books of all subjects ... so that children may be free to choose a subject of their choice.

They will then effortlessly and automaticaly move into becoming the hands of God for our world.


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