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MasterMind my 6th sense book on motivation

I was privy to watch an interesting video on increasing motivation. The video is over 5 years old and yet some things just never grow old or change much over the years.  Why is that so .. its because people may pop in new bodies but the mind .. it is largely the same .. with an added touch of sophistication through language and presentation. The same knowledge from time to time gets presented in a social science or business forum or yet again in philosophy.

And I was impressed that what I teach right here was the complete blueprint as recommended in this video from by a business analyst having more than 10 million views. 

The solution to setting right the american economy can never be done by the government ... they do not have the capacity to inspire people.  Man is a creature not hard to fathom .... carrots or rewards and sticks or punishments will not make much of an impact.  But raise your ego .. raise you with an outstretched hand ... give you the autonomy ... the freedom and the urge to do something grand and wonderful with your life through your own hands .. why I have given you a kingdom for your heart to thrive and flourish.   I have then given you all you ever wanted out of life. Life is too short to get this wrong and have to begin again from scratch.  Take it for granted that what I write is first for my own benefit .. a desire to better myself through improving my own knowledge base and then sharing stuff that has inspired me.

Mastery ... the word itself is compelling ... for once you find something you love doing  .. a great and grand desire gets inborn ... to get better and better at something that matters to you. At this point ... neither a carrot or a stick holds any interest ... nor does it have any capacity to hold you back ... for you have now moved yourself beyond and out of the reach of any carrot or stick .. and have also grown much bigger than you thought it possible.

So let me share why mastery was so important ?  It was important for the simple reason that a time lag between the thought / inspiration and its mastery is needed. You begin to understand that there was a bigger purpose very much evident from the very first ... to do what we do in the higher service of something larger than ourselves.  This purpose is the real reason and solution to the motivation puzzle.  Self direction is the only solution that shares goodness .. it builds self worth .. that you are good .. good at creating a new life through your own talent and the faster you begin to start honing it .... the faster you start seeing results ... and you need those initially to begin to understanding the movitational puzzle.

A man's greatness is to be experienced through his own hands .. his capacities ... carrots and sticks that come from outside him ... don't change his world. Be blessed.

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