Just saw the the title of a video by Jane Goodall where she claims the line between chimps and humans to be very thin. Little does she realise that what she thought .. she created in her reality .. which is the main reason that those who claim to have had a certain experience .. in fact do have it. Now you can never get them to deny it .. its impossible for people to deny their own experiences and that is why .. others who hold a different point of view .. will argue till the cows come home about their experiences and guess what .. they are both right .. for they each had different experiences as per their thinking patterns. That is why it is often said .. don't judge another .. focus on your own journey . Jane may not necessarily be right .. but what she thinks is right for her. Just a eureka moment here on fb.

This again proves to me how right my book is for each and every person on our planet earth ... for through it each one gets to live the life of their own dreams rather than something I would be telling you to do. There is so much truth to this as well as a power way beyond your capacity to comprehend at the start. Trust it and go with it my dear is the only sincere advice I will give.

Grace is the most powerful word I have ever come across. Goodness in your heart allows you to experience grace .. it cannot be found anywhere else. It is more beloved by me than the word love … for love though powerful is not experienced in every moment of life .. but its grace … the lingering feeling of love it leaves behind through its very existence is what takes a human being from being ordinary .. to being a sublimal creation.

MasterMind truly cuts across all barriers you may unconsciously impose on yourself .. judge yourself in your own inner space .. that hallowed precinct where no one but you treads .. you will find no judgement there .. only your capacity to revert back to being a creation capable of being immense love ... begin with the self ... everything else flows away like yesterday and you are left with the self and its love. Gather your roses while ye may.

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