To the virgins to make much of Time ?  

Are you young enough to believe in immense possibilities of the Mind. An age but no gender is encapsulated in the above phrase. In fact it was used on boys in university and was meant to represent young minds ... before they became jaded through peer pressure. Somewhat appropriate .. isn't it ?

Gather your roses while ye may !

Old Man Time is still flying and you the flower ... that is smiling today .. tomorrow will be a dieing. Go back in time and this latin phrase comes up CARPE DIEM  ... WHICH SIMPLY MEANS ...

Why do I as a writer reuse these lines.

Because the unpleasant truth is that we are all food for worms ... each and every one of us is one day going to have to leave this earth.  All the many faces you see from the past ... they are not very different from you ... but they bear testemony to the fact that they taught themselves to be invincible .. for they seized the day.

You are not that different from them ... are you? Similar faces ... similar haircuts ... full of hormones just like you ... invincible just like you feel .. the world was their oyster once . Everyone should believe they are destined for great things ... just like I did .. just like you do ... eyes full of hope .. just like you.

Will you wait until it is too late to make for your life even one iota of what you are capable of ??
Because .. gentlemen and ladies .. all those faces from the past are now fertilizing roses. 

But ... come close .... lean in ... while I whisper something to you ... when you read my MasterMind  ... you will hear them whisper  their legacy to you.  Go on .... lean into MasterMind ... and listen ... you will hear the stories you need to hear for your own life.  

Carpe Diem to you mt friends .... seize T O D A Y  .. friends .... make your lives extraordinary.
Don't allow anything negative to hold you back from dreaming big for yourself.

http://youtu.be/SnAyr0kWRGE  ...CONFORMITY

This is the most powerful message that may ever be shared with you ever ... for it thinks of you as a living breathing person ... rather than just an existence.


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