The text of a message I sent to Mr. Barack Obama

The text of a message I sent to Mr. Barack Obama for I follow him on FB as well as receive g-mail
from his office directly. When God desires to share his knowledge .. He may choose any open mind to do his work ... and the fact that we are all his children proves that no man may tear asunder that what God wishes to join in mind. It takes 2 hands to clap ... and the right 2 hands to do good work ... one desiring a change for it would make life easy and the other desiring a miraculous success. Only goodness for all has the potential to make it happen. My mind could see me as a global leader for I went from being fundamental to an open mind ... understanding that many wrongs are perpetrated out of sheet ignorance for when people understand that there is a tool within them .. that they are capable of calling on forces of good to validate their work .. make good things come into their life .. then there is no competition with anybody else for you literally become the creator for your own life.

Roda Langrana Where there's a will there's a way. The simplest way to cure an ill .. is to nip it in the bud. Larger problems occur when children are left rudderless and not given the right inspirational reading to mould their lives. Its self sustaining for a child is free to read books when reading books is reinforced as a way of life. There are males who start life as bullies attacking boys when they choose to read rather than play outside the whole day. But a happy mix of both should be the norm. Mr.Barack Obama .. my fervent request to you ... put some copies of my book MasterMind in school libraries. It has the potential to derail the evil wolf in minds and forge correct choices .. and many lives get saved as a result. To finding a cure for ills is the wrong way of going about things ... the trick is not to let them have their way in lives in the first place. The years of living the good life are then doubled ... a peace in life allows trade and commerce and the time required to create new gadgets when young minds understand their capacities. My blessings to the americans ... for my goodness comes from the land of milk and honey .. this is what God did share with my mind even before I authored MasterMind. See how easy God made it for me to communicate with the President himself for he is the aspect of God who will make it possible to turn America around. It is difficult that just a single book can turn around the faiths of millions and just the actions of one man to do it. I would like my message to be shared with Mr. Obama and I leave all decisions in his capable hands. I know that God is all minds and he has brought us 2 as his children to do common good. God had pointed the fall as the season that my success would come out of America.And the time is ripe .. let America return to its former glory .. sometimes results down many years are hard to see .. but small actions taken in time .. often saves many stitches required later. My book holds economic success as a prerequisite assumption followed by health and happiness. Knowledge culled out from the past of all that is necessary to help soul move out of past dogmas and limitations and into a higher mind in present consciousness is the leit motif of my book for God has promised that he will communicate with all mind through the words of my book .. which must be read again and again ... treat is as a study of your life as your work in motion.

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